Did you get any new bags in this month of March?

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  1. I'll start: I got a Coach Hamptons Weekend Scribble Hobo 2 weeks ago. Not too big of a splurge (at least for now)... :lol: :lol:
  2. I got a Balenciaga Purse in pale rose, an LV Le Talentueux in plum, and today I ordered a Mulberry Phoebe in chocolate.
  3. Chanel caviar leather tote in black :love:
  4. i got a Bulga medium hobo in grey and i'm going to order a Botkier large bianca satchel in black tomorrow i think. i also bought a LV babylone from bagnshoofetish
  5. 2 chloe paddy satchels in whiskey & choco and a tod's d-bag media.
  6. I got a black Balenciaga city bag and a chalk patent MJ Elise. This was after buying and returning a bunch of bags in February including two Stams, a JC Ramona, an MJ Polina, and an MJ banana hobo. So glad I finally have a couple of keepers!
  7. Got my first LV, the speedy 25! :smile:

    I am also hopefully going to purchase a cornflower twiggy and a magenta city.. (magenta city is a bit of a complicated story, so I am waiting on it).
  8. Frambois Lexington
    Fuschia Perforated Pochette
    Black/Black Cambon Pochette
    LV Cup bag/clutch

    And now I really want a Fendi Spy Satchel...but sadly I am wiped out clean this month.
  9. I just purchased an ink city...
  10. Chloe Paddington in chocolate, black Guccisima medium horsebit hobo, Burberry Chester, and a LV Speedy 25
  11. Only purse/bag I've gotten is the MJ tote that I mentioned in the blogs...
  12. Yes! A mono speedy 30 and a french wallet, an Ink City and a Cornflower City. What a great month so far! :biggrin:
  13. Black medium Chanel reissue & Bbag Emerald First. Still waiting for Whisky edith.
  14. me, too. I just love it:love: :love:
  15. I purchased MY stam and pre-ordered Chloe Edith.