Did you get any new bags in this month of March?

i got a Bulga medium hobo in grey and i'm going to order a Botkier large bianca satchel in black tomorrow i think. i also bought a LV babylone from bagnshoofetish
I got a black Balenciaga city bag and a chalk patent MJ Elise. This was after buying and returning a bunch of bags in February including two Stams, a JC Ramona, an MJ Polina, and an MJ banana hobo. So glad I finally have a couple of keepers!
Got my first LV, the speedy 25! :smile:

I am also hopefully going to purchase a cornflower twiggy and a magenta city.. (magenta city is a bit of a complicated story, so I am waiting on it).
Frambois Lexington
Fuschia Perforated Pochette
Black/Black Cambon Pochette
LV Cup bag/clutch

And now I really want a Fendi Spy Satchel...but sadly I am wiped out clean this month.