did you ever...

  1. i was just reminded of something i did once and thought of writing a thread on that. it could be a fun thread if everyone contributes!

    so ladies, have you ever been on websites which you 'd never want your DH, or BFs or companion to know about?:graucho:
    I did it last year! At that time, me and him were sharing the same PC. Once out of curiosity i went on those "sex toys"sites (few of my colleagues were talking about it so...) and started browsing through the pages as they came... :idea:Fortunately, I remembered to use a proxy so that he wouldnt get to see the logs afterwards and then he'd start asking questions which i really dnt want to answer:shrugs:...all the while i was surfing, i kept looking over my shoulder whether i was alone in the room!!!:sweatdrop:

    dnt want to repeat that again... i dnt want to put ideas in his head!!!:shame: