Did you ever tire of a $$$$ bag too quickly?

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  1. :wacko: I'm sick because I have a bag I spent $950.00 (at Saks) on last year - It is in perfect condition and delicious in all ways - I am just bored with it and fed up with myself - I hate being fickle about such expensive purchases.
  2. Yeah, mine's in WTS right now! LOL!
  3. i feel you! i am the same way. i usually do my research at home, but i always mull over a decision for a good week or two before i buy it. i have one too many things sitting in my closet b/c i am a really bad impulse shopper.
  4. Maybe you can sell it? WIth the money you can buy other bags you desire at that moment.
  5. Sometimes, I'm convinced that I love the shopping experience just as much as the bag itself.
  6. i so agree with you.
  7. i look on the internet go to my holt renfrew look at the bag and buy it if i want it.
  8. If you've been feeling this way about your bag for some time maybe you should consider selling it to make room for a new bag you can be excited about.
  9. Yes, after using one for a few months I tire of them and usually will sell them! Of course, I've usually bought 2 more in the meantime!:nuts:
  10. I'm sure someone on the PF would give your bag a good home!
  11. Thank goodness for the internet and ebay. This is what I do with the bags I'm tired of.
  12. I usually use my new bags everyday for 2 months tops then I have to get a new one. Once in awhile, if I can't find a new bag that I like, I will reuse one of the older bags but usually once it's in it's dustbag, it stays in there. And I never sell any of them either. They just sit in my closet. :sad2:
  13. I haven't had this problem yet, I definatly use some bags more that others, but usually that is because they are more neutral. My orange Fendi doesn't get out very much, I still like it but it's just not practical. Luckily I got it for 60% off, so it doesn't really bother me that I don't use it much. I don't think I could ever sell any of my bags though. They are my babies!
  14. I definitely have this problem, I will buy an expensive bag and within a few months (sometimes only a month) something else has caught my eye and I'm heading that direction. Thank goodness we hang on to our men longer than our handbags!! :smile:;)
  15. I get bored quiet quickly.. :sad: Once a bag is over 1.5 years, its magic kinda wears off so I keep saving money to buy a new bag. I just love the feeling of making the purchase. It's like better than a guy or chocolate sometimes! Hhaa
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