Did you ever suddenly love something you had disliked before? If so, do tell>

  1. This happened to me with the kelly bag - it was a sudden paradym shift! For years, I didnt think I liked kelly bags - at least, I didnt think I liked it for me. Years went by, I was happy as a clam toting around my birkin bag, then a second birkin bag, looking at kelly bags now and then but having no desire for one....then....all of a sudden last year, I was bit by the kelly bug. When I finally got the call about the one I was waiting for, I went to look at it, still not sure if its the bag for me....but when I saw it, I really liked it, I bought it...expecting to carry it once in a while, but not for it to be the favorite bag. Boy was I surprised! I really wasnt expecting to like this so much... I guess there is a reason the kelly bag is always named as the top or second top great handbag of all time.
    Has anyone had a similar shift in affinity to a Hermes bag, and if so, which one?
  2. YES! But for me, it was color, not style.
    I used to not like all the "interesting" colors, but lately I have gotten into some of the more unusual colors.
    At the moment I am absolutely in love with Vert Anis and Chartreuse--and I used to hate green!!
  3. yes, I felt the same way about Kelly at first - didn't really care for it too much, then BAM I fell in love and now want a black one! A kelly adds the perfect elegance to a suit or dress - love it!

    Now if only I had one...

    Excuse the newbie question, but do Kelly's cost more/or same as Birkins?
  4. My first love was/is the Kelly, didn't care much about the birkin but did that change....:smile:
  5. Oh, yeah! I fell in love with a Retourne Kelly and carried it for a few years without giving any serious thought to getting a Birkin. However, within nanoseconds after trying on a Birkin I bought it and relegated that Kelly to its sleeping bag.

    Now, however, I've added a few more Birkins and a HAC to the mix. I sold the Retourne Kelly and bought a couple of Sellier Kellys -- and find myself falling in love with the Kelly all over again.

    I think I'm a "when you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" Kelly and Birkin lover. Whichever one is with me is the one I love the most at that moment.
  6. The prices vary with the size, but generally kellys are a little less than birkins in an "apples to apples" comparison (eg, a 35 cm kelly is about $1000 less than a 35 cm birkin all other things being equal - same leather, same hardware). For sake of comparison, I believe the current price of a 32 cm retourne in togo or clemence is a few cents under $6k and a 35 cm birkin in same leather is $7500.
  7. Yes - the Plume - I hated it until recently.
  8. don't flame me, but I used to detest the color gold. It has since grown on me so much that I put in an order at podium for a gold bag
  9. I feel the same way - years ago I thought it looked like peanut butter. I still do, actually, but I like peanut butter now.
  10. I never liked the large, casual retourne kelly (always loved the kelly small, formal & rigide), but I am finding myself changing my mind after seeing so many gorgeous kelly bags here.
  11. The Bolide.
    Initially I was sort of lukewarm to it. But now I am a Bolidette, or would like to think so anyway...don't get me started about the virtues of this bag, because I won't stop--
  12. I never liked white belts until I just got mine at H. Now I wear it all the time. I love it.
  13. The birkin. I thought it was ugly until I saw it worn open. Now I love it.
  14. Lindy -- didn't like the strap contraption.

    But it's now one of my favorite "casual" bags to tote around.
  15. Carol - I was the same...I swore to only ever carry the Kelly....now...well......you know!