Did you ever regret selling your bag on ebay?

Oct 20, 2008
I sold my Balenciaga Giant City bag. It was a beautiful cognac color (I dont remember the exact color name)/silver giant hardware. I sold it like 5 months ago but I still think about that bag and mourn the loss :crybaby:. Its like a family member was kidnapped or something and never coming back! I think about if she went to a good home and being loved like a bag of her class and elegance deserves. I look at pictures of us together and just want to kick myself. Then I get even sicker when I remind myself how much she was sold for :faint:.
Then it started me thinking about all the bags I have sold on ebay and if I had them all now I would have a fierce collection! It was mainly back in the day when I needed to sell one bag in order to fund the purchase of another. It seemed smart and logical at the time.... :wtf:

Anybody else have regrets like that? Tell which bag and why you sold it.
Dec 30, 2007
That is a very common reaction - there's even a line from a song...."you don't know what you've got til its gone". I've had twinges about the black city I sold but I didn't love it enough to keep it so I don't really have any regrets. Although I do check out every one I see for sale. (And I sit on my hands so my BIN finger is not accessible.) I'm a user, not a collector, so I think selling a bag to fund another is quite smart and logical.


Nov 21, 2007
OMG! :hugs:I can totally relate. I sold my Mahina L to a wonderful TPF member on Bonanzle and could've kicked myself since I missed that bag! I re-bought the Mahina L before the LV price increase and our state wide sales tax increase. :rolleyes:


Hardware Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
Oh God yes. If I had a dime for every regret..... :girlsigh: I've even rebought bags I sold and regretted. Two I still have and tanother I got over during the 'visit' and then sold.

My biggest regret? My auburn Kooba Brynne and bourbon Kooba Ada. I still think about them.....~arg~