Did you ever really want a baby before you were married??

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  1. When you were engaged (or just dating a really long time) did you ever have the craving (that would NOT go away) to have a baby? My fiance and I have been together almost 5 years and lately I have been really really wanting to have a baby. We are so happy together, have our own home and great jobs and lately I have just really really wanted to start a family.

    Is this weird or had anyone else has this too?

  2. :confused1:
  3. I don't think that the biological clock has much to do with having a ring on your finger.
    It sounds like you're in a great place to start a family :smile:
  4. i wish my fiance was on the same track but he really wants to get married and all that first. Totally understandable I just feel like I really want a baby right now, it is weird I have never felt like this before.
  5. I think that once the urge to have a baby kicks in you want it now.
    I wasn't really sure that I wanted a baby when I got pregnant with my first but with my second once I decided I was so impatient!!! OMG, I was obsessed with charting and cervical mucus and heaven forbid that DH wasn't in the mood around ovulation time. Luckily I was pregnant within a few months or I think I would have gone crazy. Looking back I think it was temporary insanity caused by lack of sleep (number 1 was only about 4 months old when we started TTC number 2).
  6. oh wow...yeah i guess you were a little sleep deprivated!
  7. I just got married in August but really want a baby. DH wants to wait a few years and enjoy the "us" time right now. We also have to get more situated financially. The biological clock in me is really ticking though! I actually want to have a big ol' belly!
  8. when we were dating i don't think we mention about having kids, however we kinda kept in mind the biological clock thing and have planned our wedding etc accordingly. (we prefer to have some married couple time for adjustment and enjoyment before kids). last year we decided to try for #1 and we are very blessed i'm pregnant now edd april08. thinking back it's good to plan for all things but there are many things that may not go according to our plan when we want it, ttc can be a long journey and babies are really miracle.
  9. DH and I actually started trying before we were married. We had been engaged for about 2 years.
  10. DH and I were only engaged for 9 months, so we decided we would wait until we were married, but once we decided we wanted a family it was all we focused on until we got pregnant. I would guess we started really trying about 5 months into our marriage.
  11. I was married at 23 and said NO WAY am I even thinking about kids till I'm 30. Once I turned 29 though the yearning was deafening!! I couldn't wait to have a baby...unfortunately I'm 33 and still waiting...DH wasn't yearning at all for a while..now it's time though.
  12. Nope. Never wanted to have a child outside of being married. I'm old school, even though I'm only in my 30's. Had I not married dh, dd wouldn't exist. We dated 4 1/2 yrs prior to marriage, and children never crossed my mind (in terms of having them before marriage).
  13. I've been married for 6 months and am just starting to really crave a baby! I'm torn b/c I want to have a few years with my hubby, but I also want to be a mommy.
  14. I think that you need time with your SO, or hubby just to make sure you both enjoy yourself. My time clock was ticking when I got married. We had to concieve because of our age....
  15. I was never broody and didn't feel that I 'had' to have a baby 'now'- even after I was married.

    But my husband and I knew we did want a family (even though neither of us was a broody type) and felt that as we were both in our early thirties, married and financially secure, there was no good reason to put it off.

    It was the best thing we have done in our lives- our twin girls make us a family- and an incredibly happy one at that.

    But my husband and I are quite pragmatic people and it wasn't broodiness that started our family, it was a secure marriage, logistics and planning.