Did you ever made impulse purchases?

  1. it might not make much sense to most, but have you ever stormed into LV shop and purchase something just because you've had a really bad day or way bumbed out from you BF? it could have been a type of impulse buy but it felt really good inside? i know this happens to girls and guys as well. i don't think it's was super silly cuz it was something i wanted to buy but that was more the reason to just brighten up the day. i am guilty, i bought a belt and a scarf that time and i had no regrets!!! please share. :yes:
  2. :lol: OH yeah! It happens to me. I will do it in stores, but the worst is ebay if I get sad and lonely at night. I just bought the murakami cards off ebay two weeks ago and they turned out to be a fellow PF'ers! That turned out to be be an even "feel better purchase," cause she needed the dough.
  3. Framboise cles right before the price Increase! I talked myself into it, and i later found out that it only went op 5 bucks!! lol.
  4. I've made quite a few, and I've ended up selling each and every one of them because I was adrenaline shopping, not buying because I really wanted the item.
  5. LVaddict! you're just too cool~ with your purchases! even with an 'impulse' buy!
  6. Yeah, my orange perforated cles was an impulse buy :shame: I just felt like buying a cles :P I recently sold it. My orange perforated bandeau was an impulse buy, but a good one! :smile: The SA showed me how to tie it on different bags and how cute it looks tied to a Speedy, so I couldn't resist.
  7. Heck yea, I went in to buy a pochette accessories for my boyfriends daughter and I walked out with that and a Speedy 40. I have no idea why, I had never even wanted the speedy 40. I saw it on elux that day and thought "huh, that would make a great carry on bag." and then when I was there I asked to see it and the pochette, the next thing I know someone said "I'll take both", and it was me !!

    It was funny though bc it was right at closing and my sa knows I have to have boxes and dustbags with everything, so my bag was HUGE, she said "go bring your car around front and I'll bring it out for you," so I brought my car around the front of Saks and she and a security guard brought my enormous bag out, and placed it in my car, ppl were looking at it and talking!! Talk about customer service!!!!
  8. Only planned purchases that I have is my Reade and my mini HL.
  9. i did it on ebay the worst too, in shops, i usually went in, set my eye on something, and walked around to some other shops to make sure i made the right decision, but on ebay, my finger seems to have its own brain to click the buttons by itself
  10. I'm very guilty of impulse buying - I was in Las Vegas, had just finished dinner (2 drinks) was walking down a shopping arcade in the Bellagio and dashed into the Chanel boutique (while BF was looking elsewhere) and bought a Chanel tote in about 5 minutes. What is the matter with me? I'm not even sure how I feel about the bag - of course if I sell it, I'll just lose money like I do when I sell any of my impulse buys.
  11. Yup, a lot of times. With my LV buys, I think I grew out of the "must buy it now" mode. Often I got stuck w/ a bag that didn't work for me, only to lose money after selling it on Ebay. I now buy bags I'm really in love with, not like, lol. And lastly, no more buying bags to collect or just admire (that's a total waste of $$$).
  12. lol i didnt impulse buy anything

    but i pressured my aunt one summer while in taiwan to buy something, lol she was going in for the MC speedy 30 and the keepall (monogram) and i was looking at this little small makeup case or jewlry case thingy looking thing i dont even know what its called and i started blabbing how she could put her lipstick here and nail posih there and her earring and neckalces.....blah blah blah blah and she bought it cause i was drooling over it haha

    its actually pretty cool, i have a pic of it but no name and when we came home my uncle was not a pretty sight hehe

  13. All the time, but I get stuff I really like.
  14. It's strange, I do a planned impulse buy, if there is such a thing. I plan that I'm going to buy something(s) specific, make sure they is enough money on my card etc. Then I'll go in there and buy something completely different on an impulse!!! However, I never go into a store without the intention to buy something.
  15. Major impulse buyer here! :nuts: I can be soooo bad. I think it's because I live in the boonies and the few times during the year that I get to a city and get to go into REAL stores, I just go nuts.

    Since I'm not able to get back to that store within a reasonable amount of time, I usually can't return it. Although one time I did mail back a return to TJMaxx because it was over $400 worth of comforter and sheets.

    Back when I was out of college, I had a great job in a bank. A bunch of us were let go, including me. After a month of looking for something else, I went shopping and spent my last $700 in the bank on a huge fish aquarium for my apartment! I have no idea what came over me and possessed me to make that purchase. :lol:

    About 3 weeks later, I got a better job than the first -- and to this day I love fish aquariums and even have one in my office!