Did you ever leave balenciaga . . . only to be sucked back in?

  1. So I'm sitting here, literally petting a bbag (only here could I admit something like that and not be seen as a total freak - partial, maybe . . . ) and I'm reflecting on my love of bbags and I realized that just this year, I strayed for a bit from bal, but came right back!

    For a little while there, I became obsessed with LV and even traded a bbag for an LV. Within weeks, I found myself looking at the LV and appreciating how pretty it was, but pining for balenciaga. Needless to say I now have an ink twiggy instead of the LV! Additionally, I am unloading my one other LV in order to fund a recently acquired pistachio first, so not only am I back, but I'm eschewing other brands for bal completely!

    It just got me thinking - how many of us out there have abandoned bal to delve into another designer just to come crawling back months (weeks? days?) later?
  2. Yep, been there done that. I sold all of mine and left it all behind for nearly a year, but I had to come back, and I am never leaving again!
  3. I sort of did that this past year. I got into Hermès and Balenciaga around April of last year and started buying Hermès and then I got my Extra Courier and was so happy. Then I went to the orange side for a big purchase and now I'm back to Balenciaga.
  4. I find myself going from Bbags to Chanel to LV (although more BBags and Chanel lately) ... I never loose the love, but my interest is peaked in one line and that's where I focus most of my attention and so on.
  5. I've bought a few LV items during my Bal-fever...

    I thought I wanted a Rouge G Birkin for a bit, but what I really wanted more was a Tomato City - and completely happy with this decision!:yahoo:
  6. I left for a while sold a bunch on eBay and went to chanel and lv. The new issues of the colors drew me back in. I will say at one point I was up to 40. As I began to sell about 15 bags I realized that each color looks fab in one style. So now I try to keep that in mind and not go nuts buying too much. I will say that some of the new colors have not dyed so well on certain bags so I have been more careful. I also love the giant hardware but it is a heavy bag so I am limiting my number.
  7. Well, here I am back into bbags! I got my first Bal (bordeaux twiggy) almost two years ago, then left to explore Chanel, but I can't resist all the beautiful colors and the way a Bal feels.
    willowsmom-Yes, I pet mine too!! :p
  8. WILLOWSMOM-- heehee- sitting right next to me is my loverly teal twiggy....still in major honeymoon phase right now!! haha~~~

    I went to LV, but even then- I had an olympe nimbus (softest LV leather I've ever felt-no boutique for me to see bags IRL)....I love LV- it's kinda hard to compare the two...each has it's own unique value and appeal...but yea- I still have a bbag obsession...partially b/c I can't find my HG and it's REALLY bothering me...
  9. :true: Guilty as charged...

    but i've repented since!!:angel:
  10. It's so nice to hear I'm not the only one petting her bags! Apparently, bal leather just takes a hold of you and doesn't let go!
  11. I got into Bbags a little over a year ago and did the buying... then some of the selling, then I strayed a bit into Chanel and Prada (love those additions to rotate but...) am back to Bbags now. I'll keep my LVs, Chanels and Pradas to have some variety but Bbags are my faves (again) right now :love:
  12. i strayed in '06 when the leather and quality wasn't what i wanted.. but got back in and I'm lovin' it!

    I do love my LV since they're timeless, classic, and sturdy!
  13. I experienced the same thing. I got my first bbag more than a year ago and loved it but my bank account couldn't keep up with my bbag wants so I said forget this and took instant gratification in LV accesories and gucci sales. But guess what, now i'm back and I'm completely head over heels again. Hey, I might have to wait and save but it will be so worth it!!! I've been finding myself petting and groping my bags too. They just get so much better the more you use it!!
  14. I switch bags a lot. When I come back to my Bal Bags it's always a relief from the weight or the inconvenient designs of my others.
    Have to admit though, I wish I had the guts to cut the tassles-
  15. Why don't you go ahead and cut the tassels as you should have an extra set that came with the bag. That way you have a long set and a shorter set. Would that work???? I, too, love the weight of the Bal bags. And the SMELL is deeelicious too! :yahoo: