Did you ever just feel like buying a new wallet?

  1. Let me rephrase that. Did you ever just feel like HAVING a new wallet (no one really feels like "buying" one, eg, spending the money). Heres my story. I have had a "top 24" (which I think is no longer made) for almost ten years now. Last year, it was coming unstitched and I brought it in for repair and cleaning. Needing a wallet in the interim, I bought the small mens wallet billfold in havane evergrain (the only color and leather they had it it at the time). I like the style, which is very convenient, but as time had gone by and as I have used it, I am not so wild about the leather. It scuffs, it feels rubbery. Its ok I suppose but I suppose I have been spoiled by having small accessories in chevre or buffalo. And I guess if the truth be known, I like having a black wallet. It would be easy, I suppose, just to go back to the old one - which is back from repair now - but I am thinking it might be fun to have something new. (I suppose my new blue jean euclide - which is a really good time - has gotten me excited about small accessories, too). Anyone ever been in this situation? Is this acceptable to want a new one for no particular reason, or I am just being decadent? Assuming the former, any suggestions? I have been reading the thread on the azap (was curious about the smaller size one). I have half a mind to ask my SA if the billfold I got last year comes in black buffalo.
    Thanks guys. I know I can always count on some enabling here.
  2. Totally OK. I have perfectly yummy lambskin chanel wallet but I want a new H one... just because... no 'need' reason at all.
  3. This thread puts a smile on my face. My DH bought me a leather Prada wallet from Italy and I used it till the clasp broke. He then bought me another leather wallet, this time from Furla, which he thought would last me forever but the sides started to give way. I then told him I'd go get my own replacement wallet. I found a cream coloured one from Bvlgari and I thought "this is it". Just 1 month into using this wallet, I asked my SA to show me the Azap Long. I fell hard for it. And as expected, it was the luxurious feel of the H leather that was alluring. I compared my Bvlgari wallet. The interior is not even leather but some PVC, I think. There and then, I bought the Azap Long. And it's happily ever after for me and my wallet. :roflmfao:
  4. all the time!
  5. I ALWAYS feel I need a little something new......
  6. Yep. Besides I read somewhere that you must treat money with respect for it to grow--the bills should be facing the same way with all denominations together.. . so I think pampering translates to a brand new and luxurious wallet!
  7. Oh, my.....I don't even want to start talking about me & H wallet addction...It has been so bad:sad: ...up to 8 bearn wallets (4 croc. bearn wallets, 1 ostrich bearn and 3 regular leather bearns)now...:sweatdrop: ....AND I still want more!!!!!!!!!!!!:push:
  8. ^^^ That makes me feel so much better....
  9. ...and a new bag, belt, scarf and ....
  10. I do think there is something to this. When you have a nice, expensive Hermes wallet, you tend to be a little bit more careful about your wallet - and your money. When you pull it out, it says to you - "Hey bud, I am an Hermes wallet! Why are you using me to buy something dopey??'
  11. I do! I do! Still searching for the perfect travel wallet/accessories...

  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Jedi - you kill me!!
  13. Hell yeah! I have been thinking of getting an Azap! MrsS is such great enabler, you know? :smile:
  14. Delightful, jedimaster!

    Yes, I am buying one now (I hope) ~ SA is getting one for me. And I have a relatively new LV one.
  15. SoCal, have you tried a Dogon? It's terrific for travel, with room for passport. I've got one in Black Togo GHW and really like it. I've also got a bi-fold Bearn which would not be great for travel but is a wonderful wallet, too.