Did you ever heard of N.V. Perricone Weight Management Program?

  1. I have been checking this out along with the Skin and Total Body Dietary Supplements from the same house. $195 for 30 days. Is this a good product? TIA!:jammin:
  2. Perricone is solid and has a very good rep among doctors and nutritionists.

    If his procramaltions and advice sound good to you, then go with it.

    Good luck!
  3. No idea! Maybe you can tell us how it goes, sounds like a good deal!
  4. I don't know about this guy... he seems a little invested in the belief that the same methods can work for different people. For example, I read an article in Vogue where he touted the miracles of green tea. He said that "without fail," drinking two glasses of green tea everyday for two weeks would result in a five pound weight drop. Upon reading this I knew it was ridiculous but I tried it anyway. Guess what: I didn't drop a pound!!!

    I'm reluctant to believe that because he stuck his name on some supplements that they are any more balanced or any better than ones you could buy for $100+ less at GNC.