Did you ever have second thoughts selling your bbags?

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  1. I posted for sale a black city a week or two ago. I really intended to sell it since I wanted to purchase a WORK but I am now having second thoughts.
    I am so attached to it. But as you all said , you can purchase a black city in any season, the thing is... can I get it in a leather I prefer?

    What do you girls do?
    a.) Proceed with the sale at your original intended price
    b.) sell it at a premium ( since you love it)
    c.) not sell at all but be overloaded with bbags.

    I just feel guilty buying more and more bbags without offloading some.

    Did any of you girls regret selling your bags?

    Please advise thanks.;)
  2. I do a fair amount of "rearranging" of my collection. In other words, I buy TOO much! I am not savvy at selling on eBay, so I have always sold to a consignment store, fashionphile.com. Their prices are fair considering it is hassle-free for me and they will do an upfront buy so I do not have to consign and wait for my money.

    So I decide what bags I want to sell and get all the tags together/bag them/box them and even tape the big box shut and put it it my car like I am on my way to FedEx!

    THEN a few days later I email Emily with what I want to sell. THEN I wait a few more days before completing their paperwork. THEN I wait a few more days to ship. So all in all, the bags have been out of my commission 1-2 weeks before I ship. If I miss any of them terribly or find myself looking at the same exact bags online anywhere, then I unpack it and save that particular bag! I REFUSE to rebuy a bag later that I have sold (at a loss!).

    This works for me. I have almost regretted selling LV Mancrazy and twice pulled it out of the box to them. But I still never carried it and this last time, off it went with no regrets. I have also almost regretted selling my anthracite GSH Mid Day, and that came out and suddenly got carried a lot! So it's a keeper for now.

    I also use the same rule of thumb that I use for my clothing. If I go an entire year without wearing something (or an entire season if it is truly something that is just seasonal), then off it goes - trash/Goodwill/sell.

    Sorry to be so wordy, but I too have struggled with what concerns you and this helps me a lot!
  3. Like you I feel so guilty adding to my collection, while having bags that I have outgrown, and don't carry, namely LV. Now that I'm older I'm just not into carrying a bag covered with logos, however, I can't let them go because of the sentimental value...

    I say if you can't let it go, then don't! Sell when you are ready.
  4. Yeah, I can't let go of my speedies although I don't use them much. I still find them beautiful. I think I will never sell my speedies ever.

    Thanks bagsnob and juldoc. Your posts make me feel better.
  5. I agree with Bagsnob "Sell when you are ready". As from my own experience. I just sold one of my beloved Bbags. I thought I was ready to let it go, but apparently I am not ... and now I am so heart broken and keep thinking about it :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:. Sometimes it's not about how much can we get from selling it, but are we ready to let it go for good?
  6. I have a "golden rule" that I apply to items (handbags & jewelry) re: whether or not I want to sell them. Mind you ... the golden rule is applied only when I DON'T REALLY HAVE to sell something. Basically, my rule is
    • does it still *fit* with your current wardrobe?;
    • has it not been used for more than 6 months?;
    • is there sentimental value?;
    • do you REALLY want to part with it?
    If I answer NO to more than 3 of the above ... then away it goes. Yes, there have been times when I've thought "gee ... should I have done that?", but overall ... it's usually the right thing to do especially if you have your eye on something else. With today's economy, not using something (to me) ... is almost like having lost $$$.

    I also have given up on using eBay as a means to sell my B-Bags; I now consign my bags. First of all, I don't have the time to take all the pictures (I'm not very good at it anyhow), and I also don't have all the time to answer all of the questions. Yes, they do take their "cut", but I was finding that I was getting more consigning than putting the bag up on eBay myself (I always ended up losing a lot of money). However, that being said, if it's a fairly *current* bag, you will probably end up losing some $$$ ... people are not paying more for something that is current. Some of the prices on eBay lately have been outrageous (in my opinion); given the economy, people are unlikely to pay a significant amount over retail unless the bag is super-rare (and even that is looking like it's slowing down).
  7. I always have second thoughts. I love each and everyone that I have bought. Sometimes though, I need to weed out. I end up with lack of room and it seems I get carried away. But, I would rather not sell one of them. You just have to sometimes though and then I sometimes pick straws. (Really, I too decide what I wear the most and what I can find again if I regret getting rid of it. I also go by how many in the same color scheme do I have.)
  8. I agree about ebay CeeJay. In this economy, sellers are nuts to think buyers are going to pay close to or over retail for a used bag. I have also noticed the most sought after colors are sitting for many rounds of auctions and sellers keep lowering the opening bid. I have been selling off some of my Chanel collection to fund my Bals and pay down debt, and taking a loss is expected. I work with buyers to find a price point we both can live with if they email with an interest. When a buyer feels a seller has been fair and reasonable they are less likely to play the buyer's remorse card and make the seller's life miserable later on. After all, it's my own damn fault I was greedy and purchased more bags/wallets/etc. than I really need!

    If I find a certain item isn't working it's way into rotation then off for sale it goes. I haven't missed anything I have sold, especially if something new was purchased in it's place!
  9. It pains me to sell Bbags..every one. I always sell because there was one more I wanted badly enough to buy, even though I shouldn't have. The longer I collect them, the more refined and perfect my small group gets...thus it is harder and harder to part with one of them..sigh.

    If money weren't an issue, I'd have a gynormous and gorgeous collection! :party:
  10. It is always hard to sell a bbag, however I agree with ceejay in if I havent used her lately, she goes! I would rather sell it to get the money to put towards a different bbag! It is hard, but once she leaves I always know I did the right thing.
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  12. Exactly!!! We've all had a few bags that we regret selling, but that's the way it goes. I've been collecting B-Bags since 2002 and the older bags are the harder ones to part with (in my opinion). I find as time goes on, I get more and more picky about my collection and especially about the leather. I have missed many colors because the leather has not been up to my *standards* ... but I just can't plunk down that $$$ knowing that I'm not going to really love it for a long time.

    The "standard" colors ... you can pretty much get (Black especially) and since Balenciaga seems to repeat Browns/Blues with regularity (ho-humm), you can bet that you'll find another one if you really miss the bag you sold. It's the odd colors that are harder to snag & sell. Do I miss my '03 Mustard ... oh yeah, but that baby hadn't seen the light of day for some time ... better it goes to someone who will love and cherish it!
  13. I haven't actually sold any of my bals. Gave them to my daughter and replaced them with others i wanted. I don't regret it at all. I'm happy with my new ones. And agree that selling right now could result in a huge loss. Most ebay bals are selling well below the retail price.
  14. Hi guys, I have made up my mind not to sell my black city. I know in my heart I'd regret it and might not find another one as nice as her.

    thanks for the links and comments. Really appreciate it.:tup: