Did you ever have a "love-hate" relationship with any of your Coach bags?

  1. I'm having one right now! When I first got the small Ergo leather hobo in camel, I was so in love with it. I liked that it was so soft and even small, could take a lot of stuff. But after using it daily for the past three weeks, I keep seeing a not-so-good-looking bag on my shoulders. It has become softer and more pliable but the way it slouches makes it look less attractive especially when I compare it to all the Carly pictures I see on this forum! Anyone else have experienced the same thing with some of your beloved Coach babies?
  2. oh...the remorse! I just got the Legacy shoulder bag in camel and although I'm in love with it right now, I'm worried I'll feel the same way down the road. How is your camel looking? Does it look dirty now that you've worn it a few weeks? The floor models of camel, looked dingy in the boutique. Kinda got me worried.
  3. Definitely. I love my white Ali because she's gorgeous to look at, fits a lot, has soft leather and is just...gorgeous LOL. But sometimes I hate her because she is white and so easy to get dirty and I can't wear jeans with her because the blue colour rubs off and is hard to get out. And I always wear jeans! So yes, there is definitely a love-hate relationship there:graucho:
  4. Yeah I admit I neglect my sig stripe demi (khaki with the dark brown stripe). She's great for casual stuff, errands, but honestly I don't use her that much and think she's too small. I have an LV mono zippy wallet and that takes up the whole bag so I can't even use my wallet with her. And don't shoot me, but I'm not a huge fan of the khaki sig in general and I kinda feel guilty for that but the color just looks dirty to me. So I justified getting this b/c the dark brown stripe covers up most of the khaki. Twisted, eh?
  5. Not with a coach bag currently but with one of my orange nylon prada bags I do. So I totally know the feeling.
  6. Yes. I soooo love my whiskey Legacy satchel- it's my fav. However, the d*mn thing is so heavy!! But it's still my favorite bag, even though it gives me Popeye forearms carrying it!!
  7. I suppose I have had a love/hate relationship with my white Ali because I can't wear her with Denim because of transfer. If I wear black and white sometimes the black from my shirt will transfer to white Ali as well. I am actually nervous every time I wear her. For this reason I will never buy another white bag. I really hate to babysit my bags.
  8. popeye forearms! :roflmfao:
  9. lol at the "popeye forearms"

    I have a love/hate relationship with my Ali and my large Carly. Ali can get heavy and sometimes that d*mn Carly strap decides to play slip and slide. But they're my two favorite bags and I refuse to let them go. I had a temporary lapse of sanity and thought about selling Ali but I couldn't bear to do it.
  10. My large Carly strap has been doing that to me too. It's really driving me crazy, but she's still my favorite right now.
  11. The camel looks dirty in the center. I was told this is how it is supposed to be when it "ages". But don't know if I'm really liking that look.
  12. ITA about the Carly slipping off the shoulders!! And, I guess it's b/c of how short I am but the brass rings/clip area on the shoulder strap tends to poke me in the armpit/boob area for some reason?! I know that sounds kinda weird but oh well. I refuse to give up my Carly b/c she's a hot bag!! :p
  13. I know what you mean. I have a soho flap satchel from a few years ago that my DH gave me. Whenever I open the flap and dig around in there I lose half the stuff in my bag and it fall on the ground. On the flip side she is good looking and DH gave her to me. But it's a pain to use.
  14. I feel the exact same way with my white Ali. It made me vow never to buy white bags again!
  15. Absolutely! I have a soho flap bag that is adorable, so Coach iconic with the flap and buckle, but the size drives me crazy! Not quite big enough to carry everything I need day-to-day, but not small enough to be the "just the essentials" bag on lighter schlepping days. (sigh)