Did you ever have a color that you knew was just "you"?

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  1. So I have been obsessed with 03 dark caramel for a little while now as I thought it would be the perfect brown for me. A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to find one and ... I can't describe it, but for me, this color is just perfect!!!! It's a neutral but due to the orange undertones, it has a color and warmth that some brown bags I've owned lacked.

    And, this may sound silly, but it kind of suits my personality. I've had a couple bal bags that I felt like I couldn't fully carry off, but this one just felt *right* (I know, I'm silly!).

    So this made me wonder...did you ever get a bag and just know it was "you"? And if you'd like to share pics, that'd be great ;)

    Also sharing a couple of pics of my newest love! Sorry to babble - but no one else I know will share in my excitement about these things!

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  2. Your Caramel is gorgeous! It's got that vintage, very cool, very relaxed and warm vibe! No wonder you love it, and if your coloring is similar to your beautiful kids in your avatar, I totally agree, it is exactly your bag! Enjoy it for years and years!

    BTW, I feel a bit like you do about my Khaki City. It makes me feel more like me, only young again! :jammin:
  3. congrats willowsmom, this 03 caramel is amazing. :woohoo::heart:i know what you mean, i think it's about colors and chemistry. like love. you just feel it or you don't. i also feel "right" with some colors and styles. my 06 grey first was a love at first sight for me, i just went wow when i saw it. the day style, on the other hand, doesn't feel right at all on me and i love how it looks on others. with time, i found out that all neutral colors suits me best.
  4. When I first saw MKA's Pistachio, I knew I had to have a Balenciaga. I thought it was a tad bit too green for me though, so when I found Vert D'eau, I just knew it was the perfect color for me. :love: I bought her as soon as I saved up enough money, and I haven't regretted her! I know that she is the ONE bag that I will NEVER sell!


  5. that vert deau is definitely YOU! looks amazing!

    and wilowsmom that caramel is gorgeous!! modeling pics please!
  6. That 03 caramel is gorgeous!

    That's how I feel about Rouge Vif - it just suits me perfectly!
  7. gorgeous bag, i feel like that with my AG Work!
  8. rosy!! i want to see modeling pics hahaha =)
  9. [​IMG]

    WOW, this is AMAZING willowsmom!!! The leather, the color, the PH...:wtf::drool::drool::drool:!!!

    And I know exactly what you mean about a color just being "you" - I always feel that way about the colors that I end up keeping permanently and right now I am feeling that way very strongly about my newest love, Argent :love:. And since I haven't post enough pics of her all over the forum :rolleyes::

  10. argent is gorg..i wish i could take care of light colored bbags hahaha i'm not good at that =)
  11. willowsmom, your 03 Caramel is PEEEERFECT!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! I am with tofu!! How about some action shots?!:graucho:
  12. Willow~ that is my fav Bal bag ever! I used to have it and foolishly parted with it! You are one lucky girl!!! Congrats! Anyway~ I can't decide which bbag is really me~ I change my mind all the time but I am partial to neutrals.
  13. Thank you so delmilano, conni, bagluver, chinkee, rosyposie and dear *L* zacorey!!!

    purplewithenvy- you totally ROCK that vert d-eau! I love that color! And CoutureObsessed, I adore your argent! It's drop dead gorgeous!!!!

    tofu- these aren't great, but here are a couple of quick modeling shots of me and Ms. Caramel getting ready for her first day of work with me...

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  14. oh she DOES suit you!!!! the leather is yummy! i'm drooling
  15. Oh Purple, you are just too cute!! :okay: You look just the way I pictured you. You're just a doll! :yes: From your other grandmother! Lol!