Did you ever go that crazy?? I altered my coat from size 12 to 0 !!! What about you??

  1. Do you think was worth it ???

    Yes that truth ..I did it !!! What can I say when I love something , there is no way you cant stop me to buy it . I usually have to go with clothing alterations. I am size 0 , with very small waist but my chest is medium, so not always my clothes fit me perfectly . But that normal for me in USA , I dont have that much problem in Europe. One day I was on the trip , on the last day I go an shopping and found beautiful coat . The last one , run in size 12. At the register they told me there is no more in all country . This coat was already double marked down ( the reason size ) and they told me I can have extra 50% off , because season is over . I made a decision. I brought my huge coat to USA . I called my amazing tailor and told him what I did. He was freak out! But when he saw the coat he agrees with me , soft cashmere -wool dark green fabric , coyote fur ...for me lovely . I trust my tailor , so his job was to make a new coat , he cut into pieces , and just made one to fit me perfectly.

    The regular price tag was 3000$ - double marked down and extra discount = 225 + 180 alterations = 405 $ !!!!

    My coat was worth every single penny .... I love it :biggrin:
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  2. That coat is absolutely beautiful!! TDF!!

    I would have done the same thing. And even with the alterations it still wasnt anywhere near the price tag of what you would have paid.
  3. Gorgeous coat and your tailor did an amazing job! I've never had anything altered that much before...down a size or two max but never more.
  4. that's a beautiful coat!! I would do the same thing too!

    Its just a shame you can't do this with shoes!
  5. Beautiful coat!! do you mind telling how much a tailoring job like that costs? I've always been tempted to get this coat, but it is in a big size as well, but am afraid of the cost of alterations.
  6. The 180 $ was tailoring cost...my tailor always gave me a discount ,but I think 250$ can be the high...in my place .
  7. WOW!! Don't think I've done anything like that but I wouldn't hesitate, I have experience sewing because my mother went to design school.
  8. It's beautiful!
  9. Wow that's one hell of a tailor - that coat is TDF.
  10. Your coat is beautiful and I want the name of your tailor!!!!!:nuts::woohoo:
  11. I've only done one or two sizes at the most (from a 4 or 6 to a 2) but the coat looks well tailored! Congrats, that's really a lovely coat!
  12. LOVE the coat!!! Your tailor did a great job! :tup:
  13. Yes! I altered my Malandrino skirt from a size 14 to a 0. I love that coat...really good job!
  14. wow that coat is stunning, good thinking on the spot too! from now on i will look at clothes with that perspective...i wish it was easy to alter clothes from small to big though occasionaly lol
  15. Beautiful coat!