Did you ever feel not ready?

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  1. For a Birkin or Kelly that is. I usually post on the other forums as going through the posts and pictures here can be a real torture :lol: but here's a little background. Last summer my husband promised me a Birkin for christmas in exchange for some outragous BMW he just had to have.

    As I live in Iceland, where there is no Hermes, I've been looking online for the last few weeks and I've been getting more and more excited. Then yesterday I got a call from Mario at Luxury and we talked for a while about what I want, gold hardware, bright colors etc. and he was really nice and helpful. But after the phonecall I kind of panicked and got the feeling that maybe I wasn't ready. Has anyone here ever felt that way? :confused1: I started worrying about things like will I stop loving my other bags, will there be a way back or is Hermes the only thing I'll want from now on etc.

    Usually I'm so confidant about what I want and I hardly ever question my choices but a Birkin just seems like such a big step. Did anyone here ever hesitate before taking this step or am I alone in this? :shame: I would really love to here what you think.
  2. i think most people are totally won over by the quality of hermes and sadly, nothing else (imo) comes close. on the other hand, jane birkin herself has renounced the bags, so it depends on your style/needs/taste/life/values/etc. too. they are factors. but i would say that there is nothing wrong with discovering hermes, even if it ruins other bags for you. i doubt your husband will want to get a lesser car after he's gotten this bmw. but other bags offer other advantages, so i'm sure your collection will still see some sunlight.:yes:
    i hope luxury zurich can help you - they're very nice.
  3. Oh, maybe I should explain better. I'm not really new to Hermes, I own a few scarfs, a dozen or so bracelets and a Massai bag. It's just the Birkin thing that's troubling me :s
  4. i don't think there is any danger of you becoming addicted to birkins and won't carry anything else. i don't think they're enough of an all purpose bag (depending on the size you get). but you'll likely want a kelly too. lol love the massai.
  5. If you don't love the Birkin (or are not sure), why not explore the other options for bags that you might like better? :flowers:
  6. I've wondered when I finally get the money saved up for my Kelly or Birkin will I really be able to spend *that much* on something for myself? :shame: In theory it is all I dream about but when I can finally actually get one...well, I'm sure I will go for it but it is a big step so I think it's good to give it a lot of thought. :flowers:
  7. icechick, I can relate with you, I have (loan) a birkin from my mom and I am not used to the looks that people gives me when I carry it. Their eyes take second glance and folks (Men) that do not recognise the brands started asking me about the price of a birkin bag. I am currently on a search for a birkin and occasionally I feel I am not ready to be a birkin owner. I like the bag but I am not ready for the attention? Over in Singapore and Dallas, almost every woman will recognize a birkin and I am still not comfortable with the looks. I came to a conclusion that I will still use my chanels and LVs as they are less attention grabbing? Maybe when I am almost close to get a birkin, I might get the same kind of feeling you have right now. :wondering
  8. yes, i can relate- but that's just you and i having self-esteem issues! i remember reading some book i have about such women as grace kelly, elsie de wolfe, cz guest, jackie o., and diane vreeland, and whenever i read about one of these women owning an Hermes bag i would silently panic for some reason. i caught myself saying aloud, "i can't believe i own what these women had and people used to covet" and i stopped and said it again and shook my head thinking, 'ok, pull yourself together you sound nuts'. why SHOULDN'T i have something special like that that they had? i deserve everything they had because i myself am a fabulous woman. and so are YOU! so stop with that and get the best!!
  9. So True Croissant! Get the Best!:love:
  10. There have always been beautiful objects/things in the world-and their admirers. Uniqueness, beauty, design and quality are apparent in a lot of things-if you have always loved the looks of anything from afar, and are now in a position to obtain same, I think you should. Remember too that all the luxe lines of anything (leather, crystal, porcelain, art, etc etc) have come through the years because there are many people who we will never know, names we've never heard of, who appreciate the workmanship and buy the product. They didn't buy for the name, they bought/buy because they love fine things, and theres nothing wrong with that-with the Birkin, I like the idea that something that is museum worthy is still an object for every day use!
  11. well, yes, there's considerable danger that with continued use you will be sucked into the orange side and never want to carry any other bags.

    but honey, if he's getting a BMW i think you rate at LEAST a few hermes pieces -- so that should make the conversion a little easier for ya!
  12. Ice baby, just go for it! I can understand the hesitation but once you own it, the feeling is FABULOUS! And yes, let's be honest, the other bags kind of pale in comparison. But they're still useful, of course.
    When Mario can help you find your dream Birkin just close your eyes and take the plunge! You'll never look back!
  13. (Done in Darth Vader like voice): Icechick, icechick, give in to the orange side, give in to the orange side...............
  14. I think that buying a Birkin or Kelly at an H boutique helps to ease those kind of uncertainties...especially if it's your first one. That way you get to actually hold it and try it on. It becomes a bag not an idea.

    I have this weird thing about getting new Birkins...as soon as it arrives, I get really protective of my current one. It takes me at least a week to incorporate the new Birkin into my life and look. I feel a sort of separation anxiety for my current one.

    My mother is a complete Hermes hound...she has been at it for 45 years...I've been dragged into the NYC boutique more times than I can remember. It's great when your older...but a pain in the butt when you're a youngster. The more exposed to it you are, the less intimidating it is.
  15. If you really feel you are not ready for a Birkin there is no harm in waiting. However, sooner or later you will cave like the rest of us. ;) I'm sure of it.:P