Did you ever choose poorly?

  1. For one month I debated and debated about the Max New York Patent Bowler in yellow. I really wanted that purse and yes I read the size measurements and convinced myself that the handle drop wasn't too small. Well it ranks as my worse purse buy ever. I can bearly fit it over my arm and it sticks out a mile looking like a giant yellow balloon. I fully expect to be airborn after a few minutes. I know I should have gone into the store and tried it first but the thought of shopping for a purse in Nordstroms with my three young children is not something I do often. Has anyone ever made such a bad choice and lived to regret it?
  2. Can you just return it?

    I usually buy bags that I have seen at the store. Some aren't perfect but they fit the bill.

    I usually go wrong when it comes to purchasing electronics. I'm a gadget girl and I love to buy the latest and the greatest which usually doesn't turn out to be that good.
  3. Yes, I have but when I show my purchase to my DH, he sets me straight. When I was pregnant I would make the worse decisions, thank goodness for my DH!!! :love:
  4. No, I've been lucky so far...probably because I spend such a lot of time thinking whether or not I want that bag... and if I really want to spend so much money...and what clothes I have that match the bag...and...and...
  5. I haven't regretted a major purchase yet. I did buy a tabitha bag on a whim once because it was on sale and sold it on e-bay shortly after when my Dh asked if the leather was plastic!!!
    I find it's easy to get caught up in the hype about a bag on here and contemplate a purchase. I'm trying to stick to my rule of try before I buy but like you with 3 young kids shopping doesn't happen v often!
  6. I regretted my AC lady duffle in tobacco. The color was gorgeous, but the bag itself was not for me. It was too hard to open (didn't like that weird giant button flap that went over the top), all floppy and shapeless, and the zippers were of terrible quality. I ended up selling it.
  7. Of course & I still regret it.

    My first Coach... I used like once or twice. And my $315 Tokidoki messenger bag, I've used once. I really regret buying these.
  8. I regret my AC Jr. Jetsetter. The color is blah now and the glazed leather looks haggard after a month or so.
  9. I regret my first Coach, a purple-ish Kate Spade, and maybe my new Chanel padded envelope flap. As soon as I hit 500 posts on tPF, I'm selling them (I'm scared of eBay).
  10. I think we all do, but at the time we really liked the bag.

    I had a red Coach Miranda sitting in my bedroom for 3 months for me to know if I loved it enough. I tried returning it but was told I was crazy for doing so, there was a waiting list for it. I did end up returning it a month later because it was bigger than me and really heavy.
  11. I loved all my bags when I bought them, but now the only one I really might regret is the dark brown Coach Signature Duffle. It is really cute, and sometimes I carry it, just because I feel sorry for it sitting in the closet in its little dust cover.....but it is just too small.
  12. yes that horrible HOT DOG bag by dooney and burke! thank goodness they took it back and refunded......what was i thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I have a Tabitha that I did not pay attention to the dimensions of on line and my, is it big, yet too small over the shoulder. This is when I leaned to look for modeling pics. I didn't feel like paying to return it to the UK so it sits unused. I have a lovely suede Cole Haan that I got at a really good price but it is so heavy it almost brings tears to my eyes. I do like just looking at that one, but it expensive eye candy.
  14. But of course! Probability states that it has to happen sometime. ;) Truth be told, it probably happens more than it really ought to b/c I'm easily seduced by a sale. :shame: My most recent mistakes:

    -Bottega Veneta old ball bag in Pompeii. Lovely color, and I still like the design; however, I paid more than I really felt comfortable with.

    -Bottega Veneta messenger bag. Was just really too big (I'm horrible at translating measurements into reality), sent it back.

    -Hayden-Harnett triple-c Mercer in Saddle. Love the color and bag organization, but the straps hurt my shoulder.
  15. Oh yes I have regretted quite a few purchases....
    what was worse is that I can't return it too!