Did you ever buy a new bag because.....

  1. you absolutely HAD to have it, then you used it for a few days and then you didn't want it anymore? I'm kinda feeling that way about the Taupe City I bought. Its really pretty and I wanted it so bad and the seller was sooo awesome. I've had it since Saturday and now I'm thinking I don't want it quite so much. I have carried it 3 days and received more compliments on it than any other bag I have ever owned, yet I'm thinking it must go. Or maybe I should keep it a while more and see what happens. And that means it may sit in my closet.

    Am I nuts or does this happen to you guys too?:confused1:
  2. It did on my first purchase and now I am trying to be more careful about what I want and buy. I thought I was going to love the ink even though in my heart I wanted pink. No matter how much I wanted to keep the bag even though I did like it, I knew it had to go. Sometimes I don't think you know what you really want till you see it in person.
  3. yep!
    I HAD TO HAVE that 05 Sky Blue City and it was soooo soft and squishy! Completely different than my 06 bags, but, sadly, that color did nothing for me. I love how it looks on others and in pictures but...it had to go.
  4. I was so excited that I won this bag because it was Taupe and you never see Taupe on ebay. And it was an older bag too and that excited me. I guess I will keep it a while and see how I feel about it later. Because its typical Donna that I would sell it and then want it back....
  5. Happened with me and my eggplant City. Paid sooo much for it, yet the dark colour and rectangular City shape just doesn't work on me. I had only carried it once since I got it a few months ago. Can't re-sell because no one would pay the insane amount I did :hysteric:
  6. It's happened to me several times. Although, so far not with a Balenciaga. :shame:

    Donna, please give it a few days and then decide. I think you may still have that buyers guilt ("It's so nice but I paid good money for it...").
  7. Yes. I wish I hadn't gotten a white Twiggy and a White City. I got the twiggy because the City wasn't available. So far no other remorse. More remorse at the ones that I saw ended and that I missed out on. I am sure, if you would rather have other colors more, you will have NO problem selling the tuape. I almost bid on it, then thought twice because I am on the waiting list for the spring natural in Twiggy and City bags.
    To be honest, the older leather is yummy and smooshy but I like the new leather almost as well. They are totally different but I like the slinky feel of the new leather.
  8. yes!!! I always want something that I tell myself I can't live without, and then I get it and the next day I want something else and what I couldnt live without the day before doesnt seem so appealing anymore. Its so bad, I think I just am always going to want more and more and more bags lol.
  9. GUILTY!

    My friends all say I'm in it for the "thrill of the chase"

  10. nice to know I'm not alone. I will keep it. for now. yikes. how pitiful am I.
  11. Thats it! My good friend Nanaz and I chat everyday on the phone about this and it is the thrill of the hunt....gosh, life would be so much easier if we just did drugs or were addicted to something else.:shame:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: You make me laugh all the time Donna girl. We are also suppose to keep each other from not spending too much money on Bbags but have we? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Show us pictures of you carrying your bag and we'll help you decide! :yes:
  14. I am guilty of a few impulsive purchases. It happened to me with my ink work, as well as my rouille and emerald city. After buying my RV city I realised that the work was not as practical for me as the city. So I decided to sell it.
    I've never actually used the rouille and emerald they have just been sitting in my closet even if the leather of the rouille is really nice imo and the emerald is a beautiful color, they just don't go that well with my wardrobe.

    Result all three are sitting on ebay waiting for a new mama.
    Now I've become really undecisive, it's not better.

    I would let the taupe sit in the closet for a while especially since I think it will sell fast since they are so rare and you might regret it.
  15. thank god there isn't a balenciaga retailer near me or I'd go overboard! I try to stick to my rule, one bbag per season, but I really want more for s/s07!