did you even get a sigarette burn on your louis?

  1. I live in a country where smoking is aloud in most places and sometimes i am so scared that someone will burn my bag. Has is ever happend to anyone?
  2. It hasn't happened to me but I saw one LV on eBay that has a burned mark.
  3. as a smoker, im very cautious where i ash... especially when wearing my bag. yes it can burn a mark in the leather, but only if u leave it there LONG enough, a quick touch wont do any major harm unless the end of the smoke actually sticks to the bag while burning, then ur in SERIOUS trouble.
  4. I saw one on eBay as well....a khaki graffiti speedy. It was right in the canvas....such a shame because they took it to LV to be fixed, but you could still see it.
  5. I have gotten soe of the ash on a few on my LV's by mistake while smoking. It was mainly the wind that blew it, while ashing - but i was able to swipe it off real fast and nothing showed thank god.
  6. I would kill someone if they got a cigarette burn on my bag
  7. my boyfriend burned a lovely hole right through the front pocket of my mandarina duck knapsack.

    I keep him FAR away from my LV because it wasn't the first time he's burned something with his cigarette!
  8. I have never thought about this before. I don't smoke but now I'll be more careful being around smoker.
  9. fortunately, it hasn't happened to me...
  10. This has never happened to me, but it did happen to my friend on her Longchamp bag while she was smoking...she was really upset as I would be too!

    I'm always paranoid walking in the city with all those smokers, with cigarette in hand, walking in the opposite direction!
  11. no but if a smoker comes anywhere near me with a cigarette you'd think I'd have step straight out of the matrix trying to get out the way I'm pretty careful as some people can be so clumsy & thoughtless