Did you drink before you knew you were pregnant?

  1. yes, i got super wasted the night before i found out i was preggo..mind you, we weren't even trying to have kids..so i felt awful..but our son turned out perfectly fine..=)
  2. I am pretty sure I was drunk for two years straight before I found out i was pregnant! But as soon as I even thought I was pregnant I stopped. I haven't had a drink since and my son is now 7 months old. I have no cravings and think I might have been drinking out of boredom and depression (wanting a baby will do that to you). My baby is perfectly healthy.
  3. With my first child, not only did I drink on occasion for the first 3 weeks, but I went through surgery (anesthesia and all) and he is fine! I was 4 weeks preg. when I went in to get my gaulbladder (sp?) removed. They asked if I was preg. but never ran the test and since I thought I wasn't, I said that I wasn't and that was that. 3 weeks later, when I still had not started my period, I went to my ob who did a test and found I was. In the mean time, I was still going to dinners and having wine with dinner or a drink with friends on the weekends. Obviously I panicked but then relaxed, started taking care of myself and taking my vitamins. My son is now 2 1/2 and he is perfect and healthy :smile: Relax and take your vitamins!
  4. The girls are all correct about the yolk sac!!! Lucky for me too!!!!

    I too think it's a special glitch built in to make sure our babies are protected before we know that they are there and need protecting!!!! Also.. my ob said one glass of red wine 3x a week is okay.

    I myself am not a fan of the red wine, but I had two glasses of champagne on new years and one glass of pinot on my birthday.

    Oh yeah.. and my ob also said that if I didn't drink any red wine for three weeks.. it wasn't okay to have 9 glasses. LOL. She said lots of people ask her that! Hahaha.

    And BTW.. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!!!
  5. I freaked out too. My oldest was an "accident". Before i knew that I was pregnant, we were in New Orleans for vacation where I was totally downing everything in sight. And before that, I was at a wedding where I got totally wasted. I was also a smoker... Hard as it was, I confessed everything to my OB since I was convinced that my child would be born with FAS. My OB assured me that the baby would be fine since it was still very early in the pregnancy.

    My baby was healthy and weighed almost 8 pounds. He is not almost 5. So, don't worry... stress isn't good when you're pregnant!

    Also, one or two drinks isn't going to hurt your baby during pregnancy.
  6. before i knew with my oldest son i had my wisdom teeth taken out [surgery] and i was drinking quite a bit. i told this to my ob then and she said it was ok and everything looked great

    and then right before i found out about being pregnant the last time, ike was coming through and the night before we had a party with some friends and got pretty drunk and i had smoked. she is fine and dandy.
  7. I am so glad this was posted. I am in the same boat. and it sucks. I am so worried. I am 5 weeks today, but reading this makes me feel.so much better. I drank a lot, but it sounds like a lot of us girls did. Not a drop anymore for me. but I am still worried.