Did you drink before you knew you were pregnant?

  1. Ladies, I am freaking out and feeling so guilty. I discovered last night that I am pregnant. We had been trying since August or so, but then we kinda put things on hold over the holidays. Then my husband was traveling. Right after that our whole house got sick. All this made it impossible to "try". However, apparently we did have unprotected sex once about a month and I forgot. I think I assumed that I wasn't ovulating so I didn't really give it much thought.

    So here is my question - Through the holidays up until this week, I have been drinking alcohol a lot. Not getting drunk, but literally a few beers a day. With the holidays and then being VERY stressed about other things, it just seems like I was using alcohol to calm my nerves. Now I am freaked that I did something to harm the baby. I estimate, from my last period, that i am about 6 weeks along. Obviously, i have stopped, but I am still freaking out.

    DId anyone else have this worry?
  2. I would talk to your Dr about it. But I remember the Dr telling me one time, when I was asking about it, that everyone is just human.

    Hope some of the other ladies can give some good advice too!
  3. Yes, I did have this worry too and my daughter came out fine. I would think that this happens to a lot of women since they usually find out when they're around 6 weeks along. I, too, drank before I found out I was pregnant and I had the biggest worries at the beginning of my pregnancy.

    Please try not to worry too much :heart:
  4. I totally sympathize with you. When I found out I was pregnant, my first reaction was panic rather than happiness. I'd been using a fertility monitor thing and based on that, there was no way that I was pregnant, so I wasn't careful.
    I found out when I was about 5 weeks, and I'd been drinking during that time. Not a ton, no binging, but I'd have a glass of wine after work pretty much every night, occasionally two. I also took a half an Ambien once. And -- here's the one that panicked me -- I had a pelvic x-ray!! I'd taken two pregnancy tests before I went for the x-ray, both were negative, as was the one I took a few days afterward. As my cycle dragged on, I took another HPT (this was test #4), and all of a sudden it was positive.

    I talked to my doctor, to the radiologist who did the x-ray, to a perinatal specialist, and to another ob/gyn, and they all assured me that it would be fine and I shouldn't worry. I also have several friends who have been given permission by their doctors to drink for a special occasion -- one who was getting married when she was 8-9 weeks along and wanted to have champagne at the wedding, and one whose doc told her to go have a scotch and a bath when she was having premature labor, and see if it stopped! So, all in all, medical opinion seems to be that a little bit of alcohol for a short period is unlikely to cause any issues.

    My baby hasn't arrived yet (29 weeks now), but he's looked really good in all the tests so far, and I've had a LOT of them (not because of these fears but because I have a condition sort of like lupus that can cause other problems.) Definitely talk to your doctor, my guess is that s/he will also help put your mind at ease. Once you get a bit further along and see baby in the ultrasounds and such, you'll start feeling a lot better. Please try not to worry in the meantime.
  5. I had been charting and my temperature dropped indicating that I hadn't conceived, when in fact I had. I am in foodservice and (used to) casually drink frequently
    Even went to a kicking staff party at the end of the season and didn't think twice about the possibility of being preggo.
    I love my wine....... :yahoo:But it has stopped for now.
    Don't worry about it, just stop now. My mother told me that back in her day, many didn't get a pregnancy confirmation until much later than we do now.
    I am sure people drank and smoked throughout many a first trimester.
    You can't turn back the clock, so do your best now and don't beat yourself up over it.
  6. I freaked out too when the same thing happened to me but you'll be fine. Before I knew I was pregnant, I was having a couple glasses of wine w/ dinner EVERY DAY. Sometimes, I'd have a beer or two instead. Either way, my DS came out perfectly healthy w/ a nice set of lungs and everything where it should be.

    My DH's friend who is an anesthesiologist even confirmed that you're ok..it's much too early in the developmental stage to do any harm. Of course, now that you know, hands off! :graucho:
  7. Our babies were planned and for safety's sake I abstained while we were TTC, even if the tests came out negative. But most dr.s will tell you that there is little danger if you consumed moderate alcohol before 6-8 weeks. Of course, there is no known safe amount of alcohol for a fetus to be exposed to, but complications from drinking prior to knowing you were pregnant are exceedingly rare. I'd try not to worry too much about it, and like a pp said, the ultrasounds later in pg ought to help ease your mind. It is likely your baby is totally healthy!
  8. i think it's ok (we're only human), but perhaps it's best to stop drinking alcohol and take pre-natal vitamins from now onwards.

    i was a pretty heavy smoker before i found out i was pregnant with my 1st child. i was panicked when i found out that i was pregnant. dh and i just got married for 3months then, so weren't prepared to have a child so early (though we don't mind). as soon as i found the +ve on the pregnancy test, i stopped smoking and popped back into the pharmacy to buy some pre-natal supplement. my daughter came out ok with no complication (easy pregnancy , fast labour, and normal weight). and the plus side, i never smoked again even now =).

    i wouldn't worry too much now as you mentioned that you only had a few drinks.

    all the best with your pregnancy and congrats!
  9. yep, I had a few glasses of wine before I found out I was pregnant. I worried about it too, but, my little sweetheart is two now. She walked early, she talked early and speaks better than her three year old cousin who is completely normal.

    So I think it's really more worrisome to continue to drink or smoke, rather than what you do before you know.
  10. Bagsaremybabies- I am glad you started this thread...I found out 5 days ago I was pregnant and I had a few drinks over the holiday (same boat you are in). I tend to be a worrier so i too was concerned by reading these threads have put my mind at ease. Good luck & Congrats!
  11. Don't worry. You are fine. I read somewhere that the baby isn't getting blood/nutrients from you before 6 weeks; he is getting it from the yolk sac.
  12. oh my. I was in the same situation before. I am very irregular so I really didn't find out I was pregnant until 2 months later. During this time though, I was partying and drinking with friends and having tequila shots not knowing that I was already pregnant. Of course I freaked out when I found out, and thought to myself omg, I've messed up this baby so bad. But of course, my baby came out perfect. So don't worry, as long as your not drinking now, your baby will be fine.
  13. You'll be fine! At that point your not going to do any harm, I was in the same boat with dd. My bf who is expecting right now had it the worst though! She found out 4 days after coming back from Sturgis! She was freaking out on the dr, Yelling at him how she couldn't be, did he understand that she just rode 12 hours(one way) on the back of a Harley, and was drinking double ceasers for breakfast for a week! He assured her she'd be fine!
  14. Honestly, you are still very early on, the brain and major organs haven't started to really develop yet, so there's no way that it could affect any of its brain functions, I wouldn't worry about it. I went to my doctor around 26 weeks and had a blood test and it came back positive for THC (bad I know)
    my doctor even then told me that my unborn child wouldn't be effected by it, that the amount of anything that you intake, your child receives about 5% of it. She told me it wouldn't do anything, that I would have to smoke 6gms a day for it to affect my child, and that the only reason she wanted me to stop is because when my child is born if there is THC in its system, Social Services COULD get involved, so I quit quite some time ago.
    So for better lack of judgment, you're fine!! Your baby will be healthy!
  15. I did drink before I found out that I was pregnant with my son. I went out for my mom's birthday and had a glass of wine on the Saturday and since my period always comes on time (I'm not joking. I've never been late, except for finding out that I'm pregnant) but it didn't on that certain day a week later, I had a strong suspicion that I was pregnant again, so I bought a pregnancy test a day later and it confirmed that I was expecting for the 3rd time and I'm happy to say that my son is a very healthy 2 month old.:smile: