Did you do a 360??

  1. OK so I am bored bored bored waiting for my miroir lockit to arrive

    I got to thinking about the past season, I remember when the first pics where posted it was a pretty easy conclusion that it was generally hated.

    Flash forward 6 months and think about all the thread's unveiling the very bags we once hated LOL what fickle creature we are....

    Anyway TRUTH time where you a passionate hater and have done a backtrack to snap up the very bag you hated??

    For your viewing pleasure here is the original thread

    I'll be the first to hold my hand up! Yes I said I didn't like it but I went on to buy the Dentelle, Patchwork & Navy Blue Button Bag :roflmfao:
  2. I can't see the pics in that thread :sad:
  3. well considering I used to think all LV bags were ugly.... yeah I'd say I've done a 360 LOL

  4. yeah the pics are old so there links have prob moved
  5. I didn't as I knew they would be better IRL same with the miroir range too;)
  6. I don't think Label Addict is bored anymore.... :woohoo:
  7. Nope boredom over hehehe but I'm still interested in this thread LOL
  8. It is kinda funny huh?

    What happened to this bag? Was it made?

  9. Do you mean a 180?

    When the Groom collection came out, I didn't like any of it at all, yet I ended up getting the cles a couple months ago. Maybe it was the yellow stripe, I don't know, but that one piece won me over.

    And the first time I laid eyes on Damier I wasn't impressed, but last summer I got my first Damier bag and LOVE it.

    That said, I have been pretty consistent on my opinions of other lines. Still don't dig dentelle, in fact I don't even like Epi.

  10. ooh I don't know do I??? I always thought it was 360 (complete turn around) I don't now LOL
  11. If you rotate 360 degrees you end up at the same place you started, but if you rotate 180 degrees, you end up facing the opposite side :yes:

    sorry to be pedantic... :smile:
  12. When I first reviewed the runway pictures, I was in love with the clothes.

    The whole "Midsummer Nights Dream" theme was gorgeous!

    I thought the Dentelle was intresting, but I wont buy it!
  13. hmmm...I think I stayed true. I didn't buy any of the bags I didn't like. Honestly, it's only now that I'm starting to buy bags again. My S/S so far has been all small accessories.
  14. Okay --- I did a 180 on the Patchwork Speedy. I LLLLOVE the gray one now where before I thought it was a bit too busy, fussy, and messy. My LV Manager let me play with it when she received the bag and I was blown away by the detailing. Pictures don't really do it justice at all. But now I'll have to pass on it because of all the bags I've waitlisted for including the two Miroir Lockits.

    I'm still on 360 on the Dentelle line. Wait, that may be a 270 because it's growing on me --- especially the gold Speedy. LOL By the time I do a 180 on this baby, it'll probably be gone, but that's okay. Too many other goodies coming in the future.

  15. That was what I said. I still stand by that. I still don't like the shoppers although the gold is not quite as bad IRL. And I liked the "silk-looking" bags (dentelle LOL) which I absolutely LOVE! LOL