Did you desire a sex for your baby?

  1. Just gaging how common it was for parents to strongly desire one sex over the other before the sex of the baby is known???

    I preferred a girl when I was pregnant; I had a boy. Sure I was a little out of it when I heard the ultrasound tech say "it's a boy," but I was over it so quickly. I soon eagerly set to the task of buying tons of powder blue baby stuff. :heart: I love my child and I can't imagine having any other in his place.

    I lurk on parenting forum and some post threads about their disappointment when their child is a toddler or in elementary. :wtf: This is a large forum and I'm not sure how typical this is.
  2. I have no preference... my only desire, a healthy baby. My sisnlaw wanted a boy really bad, when she had her u/s and found out she was having a girl she was depressed for months. I know hormones are crazy during this time, but that was suprising to me. Maybe the fact that I was ttc for over a year is why I really don't care?
  3. SO and I prefer a boy for our first child. But we'll still be very happy if we have a girl. We are anxiously waiting to find out.
  4. whoa. had to read the title to this thread twice!

    too much caffiene this morning
  5. I wanted a girl so badly, and naturally, Bart wanted a boy. I was over the moon when we found out that Julia was a girl, and Bart was too!

    The only thing that really matters is that we have a beautiful, healthy baby. Maybe he'll get his boy someday ;)
  6. I preferred a girl for this pregnancy, but now since finding out after our u/s, I'm overjoyed we are having a boy! SO doesn't care at all, boy or girl. I'm just as happy either way now that I've come to think about it. :biggrin:
  7. ^^
    LOL bagnshoofetish!!!! Me, too!

    I have a boy and a girl, so I'm happy!! Sometimes I debate on having a 3rd, but I think 2 is enough. Went through a horrible miscarriage between the 2, so I didn't care what my second child was as long as he/she was healthy. The miscarriage totally changed my perspective on the whole thing!
  8. I don't have kids, and I probably won't. I'll be perfectly honest: I've come to grips with the fact that part of the reason why I don't want to take a chance on getting pregnant is because I want a girl and not a boy. I'd be thrilled to have a girl, but I'd be completely crushed to have a boy. If I ever do have kids, maybe one day I won't feel this way and would be happy just having a healthy child, but I so totally don't want a boy at ALL.
  9. I always wanted a girl & when I found out I was pregnant I knew that's what I was having. If I have another I dont care whether baby is a boy/girl.
  10. I wanted a girl, and got a girl, but would have been just as overjoyed with a boy. children are such a precious gift.... whatever the gender!
  11. I wanted a girl ... and a girl is what we got!
  12. bagnshoo!!! You crack me up!:p
  13. No ... just as long as the baby is healthy. As for the second one (if we get lucky again), it won't matter either.
  14. I knew instantly what I was having - and it came true. but in general: healthy is all that matters!
  15. when I was pregnant with our 1st child, I wanted a girl..then I was over the moon when she was born..10 months later, I got pregnant and secretly hoped for another girl even though you were suppose to want a boy after that right?
    Imagine how ecstatic I was when it was another girl...2 yrs later,I got pregnant and this time I didn't care about the sex of the baby but also wasn't hoping for a boy that much..( I didn't admit that to others though) and lo bhold another girl!
    So three girls within 6 yrs.what a joy I tell ya! My hubby always says he really needs to sharpen his mascline side often...being the only male..:p