Did you buy the black venetia from the Nordies sale?

  1. How many bought the black venetia ? Did you have a hard time finding one? Are you a first time venetia owner?
  2. Did I screw up buying the back venetia? Were there hotter bags I should have thought about? and maybe bought instead??Is this too ordinary?? Help:confused1::sad::sweatdrop:
  3. You didn't screw up! I ordered one. I've always liked the venetia. I think it's classic.
  4. yeah, that bad is classic. with the gold hardware, its beautiful!
  5. no way. I think its a great bag. if I didnt already have so many black bags I would've snatched one up.
  6. Of course not! That's the bag that got me liking the gold hardware. I have a black Venetia w/gold hw - I think it's a classic bag.