Did you buy RM bag at full price?

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  1. correction: MAM Stud 40% off... yey!
  2. I havent so far......but would I? Probably....if forced!

    Sage MAM - Bluefly - 40% off
    Navy Luxe Nikki - Delcina - 30% off
    Wine Nikki - Ebayer - 30% off
    BBW MAB - Luna Boston - 30% off
    Sting Ray French Tote - Bluefly - 40% off (not here YET!)
    Kerry & Cory Pouches - RM - 30% off (will be here Monday)
    Kerry Pouch - Gilt - 40% off (soon, I hope)

    Holy Cow, I have bought a lot lately!!!:nuts:
  3. I just bought my first RM from Bloomie's private sale at 40% off.
  4. These are the only two I've paid full-price for as well.
  5. I pd full price for dg nikki, wine nikki (no longer mine) & soon to be basketweave SO. Everything else (and there have been too many to name...sad) I have gotten on an auction site on w/ a coupon.
  6. I have only paid full price for my wine MAM, dark grey MAM, and wine MAC SO. GE MAM, close to retail. All others discounted.
  7. It just depends on the bag. . . hard to come by leathers or SOs I've paid full retail (only 4) other than that I've gotten them 30-40% off or on eBay below retail.
  8. I totally agree with Baghag411!