Did you buy RM bag at full price?

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  1. I've done pretty well for myself as far as getting a good deal....so I would only pay full price for a SO if I was interested.
    My first RM was a nikki from LB and I think it was 30% off and I paid like $416
    eggshell MAC from hautelook for $178
    next up was a LG mattie from RM for $325
    wine/bread tote from revolve for $30
    purple patent rendezvous for $250
    BBW MAB, a stud devote, and an erin pouch 25% off at LB.

    whoa....I need to stop shopping. :nuts:
  2. These are all great deals!!
  3. I paid full price for my wine MAM and noir MAC SO but the rest have been on pretty decent discount.
  4. i'm about to pay full price for a white w/brown BW SO. That's about it. I have 3 other RMs that have all been under retail (not much under though)
  5. I've only paid full price for special order bags that i ahve wanted really badly. Usually most bags are special ordered because 1) they are custom made bags that the PF'ers wanted, 2) a bag that never went into production, or 3) a bag that was rare or hard to find that we wanted again!

    Aside from that- if you're buying from a boutique, i'd wait for a sale. There are usually coupons from 15 all the way to 40% off at times. plus, RM always has the BEST sample sales which are about 40% off. If you're worried about a bag selling out, that you can not live without, i'd recommend buying at full price.

    RM bags are totally worth their price, but ofcourse everyone loves a great deal! :yes:
  6. I agree that RMs are COMPLETELY worth their retail price. That being said it's hard for my to buy at retail when there are just always so many good discount codes floating around. I got my most beloved mint mam for almost 40% off. Every other bag I've ever had has been at least at a 20% discount I think.

    The only bags I have no issue paying retail for are SOs that I want more than ANYTHING. If I love the bag but I'm still on the fence then it's still hard for me to decide and I go back and forth with it in my head. I have to truly be obsessed with one to justify retail at this point in my life, being a student.
  7. I bought my first RM, a Cobalt Nikki from LB full price, because I honestly didn't know better. I didn't know about tPF, and I stumbled on the LB website and bought the bag. Since then, all my RM's have been bought with discount codes, thanks to tPF! The upcoming exception will be my Wine Nikki, which I will pay full price for because it is an "in demand" color.
  8. So far I've paid FP for the Wine Nikki, and Teal Mattie.Everything else was discounted in some way.
    I love store codes...more stores should do them because it actually does help business.
  9. *update* I try not to buy anything at full price. I've since bought 2 more rms at the nyc ss. However, if the royal basketweave ever becomes available for S.O I will break down and pay full price.
  10. What makes RM bags worth the retail price? Is it the quality and craftmanship? I'm still learning more about RM bags and waiting for my first RM bag to arrive in the mail :balloon: (RM MAB Luxe)
  11. The only bag that I paid full price for is my wine mattie. Totally worth it too!!
  12. ok, of the 5 RMs I own, I paid full price for 3 and got 2 on sale. Since I have to pay for exchange rate fees and charges, the sale prices (ie USD$400 ends up being AUD$600) end up being "reasonable" prices for me to pay and don't forget international shipping too. I'd definitely continue paying for RMs at full price, the style, quality, craftsmanship, the leather - definitely bags i will use for many years to come :smile:
    GIRLS :heart: RM ;)
  13. I paid full price for my wine MAB. The rest of my RM bags were bought at less than half of the retail price.
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    i paid full price for my new black w/blue mattie. it's my favorite RM! :love: all my other RMs, except for one, i bought new and on sale.
  15. I paid $380 for My MAB Luxe ( Luna Boston sale)M Stud ( Bloomies) 40% off. I have been good... I only pay full price for my LVs.