Did you buy RM bag at full price?

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  1. I got my chocolate MAM for $270 shipped. I forget which website. That was over a year ago when they had codes.
  2. ^wow thats a reaally good deal.. i want a nikki for $300 ;)
  3. Unfortunately yes I had to get all of mine at full price....had the violet mattie (sold) , gray MAB (sold) and now Im left with the BBW MAM which I LOVE TO DEATH!!!!!! wouldnt dream of selling.....but living here in Canada not only am I paying retail (more when changed into CAD currency)......then shipping........and then customs/duties which each time cost on avg. $100 ......

    I WISH RM would atleast have ONE Canadian location ***sigh ****
  4. I got my black MAM with silver hw for $340 off ebay earlier this year. I would have paid full price, I think had I seen it somewhere, since I was told they don't really make them with silver hw anymore. I am very happy I got it for $340 though. That allowed me to get the Ocean lex clutch for $220 from sample sale leftovers...unfortunately it didn't come with a chain, so I will have to buy that at some point.
  5. I'm new to RM :biggrin: I'm wondering if you wait for RM bags to go on sale or buy at full price? I'm debating whether i should be patient and wait for a good sale to buy. I don't really have a particular bag in mind.
  6. I always wait for a sale or a code. I don't see the point of paying full price when I can usually find what I want for a lot less.
  7. I have paid full retail price for only 3 RM bags and I have a total of 9 RM bags. These three bags I wanted and knew I would never see them on sale.

    dark gray mattie,
    BBW MA,
    stonewash blue nikki
  8. I have paid full retail for 3 as well and the rest all on sale! I currently have 12 bags!One Nikki was $$ over retail for a limited special order:
    Sage stamp Nikki
    Black Stamp Nikki
    Mini Wine Nikki
    but no I always wait for a code these days it's just not worth it to me to buy retail when there are so many sale and sample sales.
  9. Where do you get these codes, and where do you use them? Is there a certain period when these codes are issued?
  10. What % off do you usually get from the codes?
  11. Look in the shopping subforum for deals and codes.

  12. Not only htere but in the Rm steals and deals section I have notcied of late lots of online boutiques offering percent codes off right now Luna boston has 25% off.

    A slew of us just scored amazing deals at Bloomingdales 40% off then extra money off too!
  13. RM bags go on sale pretty often, it's safe to say that most styles you see will eventually go on sale and be available to purchase at prices at least 20% off. I have yet to pay over $400 for any of my RMs. Patience is a virtue to find a deal for these bags, but once you do, it feels so good!! LOL!
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    Last edited: Apr 10, 2009
    Both my older RMs I had codes...

    I think I paid $400 for my MAM and I think $500 for my Matinee.

    I just order my next MAM from Gilt...around $290!! I think $308 with the shipping!!

    In general I am young and trying to be careful with my money so I wait for deals. I think RM is worth it, I just am at a point where I need to watch my spending.
  15. Have to start will this disclaimer I never pay full price for anything with that said got both of my RM on sale

    I got my MAM in espresso last summer when I was on vacation in NC, it was a little over $300 with tax, had a price tag of $495 and it was 40% off

    and then I got my GE Hello Kitty RM 40% off too but I think it was $360 when all said and done