Did you buy RM bag at full price?

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  1. I always hunt for bargains too! But now that RM has no codes, its really hard to get deals on NEW bags unless they don't sell well at stores, and get marked down. Out of 24 RMs, I've paid full price for my 8 preorders, my 2 wine bags, and my dark grey nikki... 11 out of 24... i guess thats not TOO bad considering the ratio. Anyhow- RM's leathers are of really high quality, so i definitely think they are TOTALLY worth the price! Especially this season with improved handles etc.
  2. Yes, I've bought bags at retail price. :shame:
  3. wow, that is a great price! I wish I lived close enough to go to one of these fabulous sample sales
  4. lol i actually drove 4.5 hours to get to the sale....i drove from VA to NYC hehe but i mean i HAD to go! i had to meet RM and have the SS experience :yes: i was glad i got to leave with 2 bags. i love them tenderly.
  5. I own 2 RM handbags.
    -Pink/Nickel/Salmon "Morning After Bag" $395
    -Wine "Nikki" $600
  6. i got both my rm's at full price at my local boutique.
    i WISH our bloomies carried them with sale prices, but i guess i'll just have to wait.

    otherwise, a lot of the "last season's" colors go on sale online at revolveclothing.com, bloomingdales.com, lunaboston.com, etc.
  7. I just got my first RM MAM from an lovely seller on ebay and i couldnt use the cashback offer because im not registered in the US but ebay had sent me a 15% off code so i got it for $331.50 shipped :smile:
  8. just my BBW MAB for $595 but it was worth it!!!!!
  9. I paid $331.00 for my navy mam. I got it from revolve in 07
  10. Out of the 3, I currently have... i paid full price on 2..both from Rm.com (stonewash blue nikki & Wine mattie w/ old hardware). The Dk Gray Mattie, I got of fleabay for a great price.. with live.com ;)
  11. I bought the Grace for full price back in the day, since it was the last one I could find anywhere. I got a blue/grey Matinee on ebay for about $380, and I paid full price for the light grey Matinee. Oh, and I was so excited about the electric blue Nikki that I pre-ordered that at full price, too. I'm spacing them out pretty well, but I still cringe when I think about the full prices. I don't like to do it, but...
  12. I still want a GRACE!!!
  13. i didn't pay full price (sigh) back in the days of discount codes at LB and other places, but now it's really hard to not pay full price for newer styles. But I abuse ebay regularly (or it abuses me, esp. with live.com). All told, I have paid full price for two of my RMs, and I have several.
  14. I will wait until a good deal.

    My first RM was a black with blue suede Matinee, I got it on Funkylala and the price was $550.

    Recently I was searching for a grey bag and lucky enough I got 20% off on a grey MAB, also from FLL. I hope I will love the bag.

    For I don't go to sample sales, a 20% discount is a heavenly offer to me.
  15. Nope! I have never paid retail price for any bag that I have bought so far. I got my concord MAM for $475 from a nice Ebay seller.