Did you buy RM bag at full price?

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  1. I only paid full price for one of my 7 RM bags. The others I got from LB when the code still applied, from ebay for under retail or from the sample sales.
  2. Depending on which bag I guess.. some of the bags just never gonna be on sale..(wine nikki, matinee; grey matinee etc.)
  3. I have not paid full price for an RM yet, but I will be buying my first pull priced RM at the end of this month -- a navy luxe nikki -- from luna boston. Assuming I love it and keep it, it will be $595.

    As for my current RMs, I've purchased them all on sale. The best deal I got was probably on my midnight dream bag -- I believe it was around $250 on sale from delcina.com, but then I bought a chain which cost another $30 or so.

    My eggplant matinee I got on sale at nordstrom -- I did a charge send from the store at mall of america. It was $400 plus shipping.

    My fucshia/gold crackle MAB I got at 40% off on the bloomingdales website, so it was around $350 or so I think.

    And I got my grape croc kiss and makeup from the gilt sale. I believe it was around $70 or so after they refunded some of the money back.
  4. I've been super lucky in finding great deals. Never had to pay retail for my RMs.
    Mostly ebay and Funky La La.
  5. If I love something, paying full price is worth it. Yes, I have paid full price fo RM. It's always great to have a deal, but even better to have a bag I love everyday even if I did pay retail! I draw the line at paying OVER retail for something. Just not for me, not worth it.
  6. As much as I love each and every one of my RMs, I think the only thing I played full price for was my RM scarf. I have just been lucky that when ever I wanted a bag I managed to find one on sale or a discount code came along. But if I had to, I would but them full price. This is what I payed for each one, and they were all brand new:

    MAMs- $450 and $405 (Retail price $550)
    Steady-$289 (Retail $627)
    Nikki-$480 (Retail $600)
    K&M- $70 & $97 (Retail $115 I think)
  7. I've paid full price for my wine matinee, Cloud Grey Nikki, BBW MAB, and seagreen MA clutch. I usually look for deals, but if there is a bag I really want in a color I am not sure I'll be able to get at a discount, then I will buy it.
  8. I paid $250 for my Whitewash/Rosegold Matinee and $390 for my Hazelnut MAB (both on eBay; the Whitewash was lightly used and the MAB was NWT). I *would* have gotten the MAB for $330 during the online sample sale, but the site didn't work for me for hours!! *shakes fist* Ah well - I've used it practically every day for weeks now and plan to use it regularly for years and years, so it's definitely worth more than I paid for it to me.

    The only thing that has prevented me from paying full price is the fact that I can't afford to (I certainly think RM's best bags are worth the price - *GORGEOUS* leather and designs); I just graduated from college and am trying to save, with only the VERY occasional splurge. I *am* considering paying full price for the Wine or Concord Nikki, though, since I'm thinking they'll sell out of any retailer before they go on sale, and haven't seen a lot of Nikkis (esp. the Wine w/ new HW) on eBay.

    Interesting poll! Love to see others' bargain-hunting skeelz :biggrin:
  9. By the way, if anyone feels bad about buying full price (which they shouldn't IMO as the bags are worth it), I saw a goldish Dream bag and fuschia/gold crackle MAM at a Tokyo boutique this summer for over $800 EACH.

    Note to self: do not hunt for RM bargains in Tokyo.
  10. I recently bought my first RM...a concord MAB...and paid full price for her. She is absolutely worth it! I would prefer to find a discount on future purchases however. I have a problem with patience so I'll often buy what takes my breath away immediately (at full price) rather than waiting to see if it will go on sale...I'm bad, I know ;)
  11. I have paid full price for all but 3 of my RMs. I am too impatient to wait for a sale most of the time and I give myself anxiety over whether or not the bag will be sold out by the time a store is ready to discount it.
  12. There have been new hw wine Nikkis in eBay. If you wait one may show up-- there have been some old hw Nikkis at ok prices-- I think wine Nikkki madness is dying down!
  13. I just paid full price ($575) for a dark brown Nikki....my first RM! I immediately had buyer's remorse for not scouring harder for coupon codes but I'm sure that will fade when she arrives.
  14. I paid full price for two of my RM's - my French Tote that I pre-ordered and also my BBW MAB -I was lucky enough to get the last one left on the Funkylala reissue!
  15. Nope.. I always hunt for sale!

    RM MAM Blk at Bloomies for 380+
    RM PLan B Hobo SS Leftover for 385
    RM MA Clutch Red Luna Boston 235.00
    Rose Gold Luna Boston 150.00
    Lex White ebay 100+

    I am always on the hunt for bargains!!