Did you buy RM bag at full price?

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  1. or just wait until a good deal? What deal is a good deal for you? 15% off? or 25% off? 50% off?

    When and where can find good deals for RM?

    And could you share with us what the best deal you got for RM bag?

    I am new for RM, I would like to learn some from you guys. Thanks!
  2. hi bird2sky! my first RM i got for $400 (navy MAB) and it retailed for $595. so i feel like that was a pretty good price.

    my 2nd and 3rd RMs i got at the May Sample Sale. I got a matinee and a Nikki for $350 each, which i felt were good prices as well.

    I wouldn't be opposed to paying full price for a RM that is on a special order (those don't go on sale)...but for everything else i might try to hold out for at least a little bit of a discount...15% or so.
  3. right now i own only one RM bag and thats the MAM in black w/ basketweave and when i got it, i was able to get 20% off for it so i saved $110 i was like :yahoo: YAY!!

    for me, a great deal would be saving a 100 dollars on any RM bag :smile:
  4. yes, my wine nikki, and I LOVE this bag. but I wouldn't do it again for just any Nikki, or probably even a MAB or a MAM, unless it was an uber-special order, like MJDaisy said!
  5. or more money :P lol
  6. Ohhhh.....you got matinee and a Nikki for $350 each?! very nice price!!:tup::tup::tup:
  7. I pre-ordered my Forest Nikki and Iris/Lizard MAM at full price because I just had to have them, although a forest Nikki will probably show up on ebay at some point. It just depends on how much you want the bag.

    I got my midnight/pewter MAB on sale with a promo for about $330, which I think is a great deal, although it was never a pouplar color combo for some reason. My tangerine MAM I got from Label 360 at 30% off, but the days of those kinds of codes are long gone!:shrugs:

    If I lived in NY or LA where there are sample sales & lots of stores that carry RM I think I would be less inclined to pay full price. Do I think RM bags are worth it? Yes. But I had to sell about five of my other bags to pay for those two full-price beauties!
  8. My Ruby MAM and Hazelnut Market Tote are from the NY SS. Both were $330. I think the girl was charging the wrong prices but I didn't know until I got home and heard about it on TPF.
  9. Nope, and I don't plan to buy any at full price. I like the deals.
  10. I have not yet paid full price. Not to say I never will, but at this point, I can't really afford to - or I rather have two bags for the same price!
  11. I don't like to pay full price, and I only have once for a special order Wine Matinee. What I consider a good deal depends, really, on the bag(and it's condition, if it's used). To sum it up, though, I will only pay full price if it's my last ditch effort and it's a must-have!
  12. I really wanted the MAM in deep purple (did not know there'd be purple patent, concord etc etc at that stage) so I paid full price, as well as international shipping costs and a currency conversion fee on my CC haha :P But I saved for her and she's beautiful and getting a lot of use so I'm happy.
  13. I bought a jade Market Tote for $200 at the Plaza Too sale.
  14. mel_mel~ if i see a purple MAM around melbourne i'll come up and say hello!

    btw~ i've never seen anybody else carry RMs in melbourne... have you?
  15. i paid full price plus $95 international shipping for my sage stamp MAB~ it was my RM HG so i just had to have it

    I've also just preordered a wine nikki with new HW from LB at full price~ but cheaper shipping this time~ yay!