did you buy a Lola from Kooba.com / Kooba?

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  1. ;) Hi - can you please let me know if you purchased a Lola from Kooba.com or from a Kooba store? I want to know if it has that horrible smell that I've been reading about, if you purchased directly from Kooba. Not that that would make a difference... but I'm just wondering. Thanks!

  2. Not sure exactly what you're asking here! As far as I'm aware, there are no Kooba stores, just the online store, and the bags are sold at several boutiques and dept. stores as well. There was an issue with some of the spring bags having an odor of some sort, but I haven't read of any complaints lately.
  3. thank you - sorry if my note didn't make sense.

    Yes what I want to know is if you bought a Lola from Kooba.com, and if you did, did it have the weird chemical smell?