Did you Born Rich???

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  1. mmm, I didn't correct the grammar out of rudeness, it's more of an OCD thing. :-p I also hate when people mess up "you're and your" ugh!

    anyways, I would mind trading places with her. I'd rather continue being a college student, who is going to graduate and get a job. I look foward to climbing my way up the corporate ladder- not for wealth..... for power! :-P I plan on upping the percentage of women in execuative positions ( don't take this as fact, but I remember it being about under 15% women.) I dislike when people assume that people are criticizing someone because they're jealous~ omg. I do that when I see really skinny girls walking around the gym in bras and booty shorts, lol, but not on a purse blog!

    PS. I like how nice this blog is, but you can't always sugarcoat eveything!
  2. Buttery- that was hysterical.
  3. That is why I stayed clear of this thread (until now). I love this board for the fact that everyone is nice and supportive. I just ignore posts that are from people who sound like they are full of themselves. :sad:
  4. lol when my family started making "more" money i was about 7-8 too i got the same talk. Now, its my senior yr in hs and my town is very middle class (which there is nothing wrong with) and i go out of my way to not flaunt my money and when kids found out about it i went out of my way to say oh no no no its not like that no no no... Anyway i think there are two ways to handle being wealthy (either on ur own or family wise) the tacky way ie the original post or the subtle quiet way... Its sad that some people need to use their money for attention. When i want something i wont dare suggest it to anyone in my family unless its a birthday or something i save for it myself. My grandmother did just buy me an LV though but i agrued with her that i couldn't let her until she left me at one end of short hills and snuck back to LV! she is a little devious lol :lol:
  5. I think some were a little rude. I don't think English is her first language. Maybe they got offended by how she stated her post.
  6. I know...good point. I think this blog has a nice balance though; people are honest about their opinions on bags, etc. without being *****y.
  7. I have an idea- why doesn't everyone who reads this thread go to my thread and vote on which color balenciaga I should get!!!! Seriously, I could use the input, and we could all use a break from this topic!
  8. mmhmm. :smile: lets all hug and get along. :smile:
  9. :lol: :lol: *running to jag's thread*
  10. I wasn't trying to be mean; I honestly thought it was a child. If it really is Lourdes, I'm wondering if she'll post some pictures of Madonna's closet in the Showcase section. :biggrin:

    Lourdes, do you have a digital camera?

  11. word.
  12. Like I said before, maybe we just took her totally out of context. Either way, no one meant any harm to be done!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.