Did you Born Rich???

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  1. Very well said everyone! Tifanny28 get the point? Its o.k. to have it. But its much better not to flaunt it.
  2. I wish I was born rich.
  3. :shame: Again, sorry. But I didn't think that a simple sideways glance and a haughty snif would translate comprehensibly online.

    ROFLMAO at Vlad's comment though. Where can you buy such donkeys? :biggrin:

    It must be to protect her against fashion mistakes then. They run rampant there.
  4. I see what coconut is saying. It's a little odd to me that some people who will spend a crapload of money on bags will get so up-in-arms about this topic. It's all relative. Some people think Liz Claiborne is high-end, you know? I'm not trying to be *****y at all, just attempting to make a point.

    However, I would like to add that according to this previous post from Tiffany, I am detecting a pattern...:blink: :lol:

  5. I dont know about all of you ladies! But I am eagerly waiting for Tiffanys response to the thread she started.
  6. Tifanny28,There's nothing wrong with being born into wealth,if the truth be known I'm sure others here wouldn't mind being in your position though many would never admit that fact .
    It's good to hear you appreciate your fortunate circumstances,you should.I hope you will use some of your good fortune to do more than shop your life away.
    Wealth can be a wonderful thing when it's used to benefit people other than ourselves,for instance the poor/sick/homeless etc.

    I know some of the gals have come down on you hard regarding your comments in this post.
    I prefer to think you just don't know any better.
    I don't find your tone any worse than others here that use profanity in their postings on a regular basis or the gals that obviously treat shopping like they're in training for an Olympic Event.

    I have a bodyguard too,his name is God and I love him dearly ,he doesn't annoy me in the least :biggrin: .
  7. zZZzZZzZZzzzZzzZzzzzzzzZZ........

  8. LOL!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  9. My family is not rich ($, but gagillionaires if love, support and happiness was a currency), I feel lucky that I have everything I want and Need :nuts: . Although my life is different than many out there, I sometimes get to take public transport, I have a husband, two kids & two cats who are pretty much with me 24/7 (Ben, Oscar, Felix, Nikki & Winston), which I love, and couldn't live without., believe me! How about you?
  10. Boy-This could be the next"dont shoot the messenger" controversy.....".....LOL....LOL....Kidding!

    I have an "almost" bodyguard-he's a very smart Shiba Inu dog...he even barks at the UPS and FEDEX man...although I am trying to train him not to bark when my hubby is around(He alerts him to all my new purchases..eek...)...But I still love him!!!! LOL.........
  11. I see what you're saying and I agree. I for one may have taken the "high" moral road about this but I was too trying to make a point, namely, that it's ok to say: "I love this xxx bag and I'm going to buy it" (known value to most board members: $/£yyy) but rather tasteless to go: "I'm really really really rich and I don't mind spending your yearly salary on a bag. But it's ok, because it's not much for me, my family is really really rich. Oh and did I mention I'm really really rich?"
    She didn't say that, but you get the idea...

    I, for one, save up my earnings (salaries, gifts, whatnot) to buy bags I like. I won't spend zillions on the It bag just because. It has to be special to be adopted.
  12. This thread is a little crazy. Honestly, I am still not sure what the point of it was/is. I grew up in an area where some people did have body guards too, but it is all relative. And you are not born rich really... I mean like Vlad said, that isn't really yours- you only got birthed- that is someone else's money.

    I was born into a family with more love and care than anyone could need! It was great and nurturing.

    The one thing I did realize about some of the *rich* kids I knew growing up is they lacked a lot of what I consider to be wealth.

    No one is trying to be mean, but flaunting "Your" social status is just kind of silly... or maybe came off wrong... or is just not classy
  13. ^^^ Hee hee, in that case, my three year old is pretty adept at the almost bodyguard thing as well, when his classmates touch me he yells "don't touch my mommy!!" LOL
  14. ^^ I know the feeling. My 8 month old son doesn't let me stray too far, in fact, I think he is a permanent part of my anatomy these days. Does that count?
  15. Perja, I see what you are saying, too. I guess that to some people just carrying a very expensive bag is considered "flaunting your wealth", though.

    Can you tell I did not born rich?:lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.