Did you Born Rich???

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  1. Hi :P

    my familty is Rich, i feel lucky that i have everything i want and need :shame: . althought my life is diferent than many out there, i never get to take the public transport, i have a bodyguard with me 24/7 (Mike) which i love great guy, but can be annoying sometimes beleive me..:cry:

    what about you?:oh:
  2. Rich or not, my mum told me never to be tacky about money.:smile:
  3. Ditto :amuse:
  4. Agreed! Although my dad just says this because he doesn't understand the need to spend thousands on bags or clothing. Haha.
  5. :lol:

  6. Agreed :lol: :idea:
  7. Ditto-ing.

    It's not a question of how much money you have, it's how you spend or invest what you do have. In the right hands, a lot can go far. (But not in mine when I'm looking at a bag I :love: lol)
  8. I wish!
  9. I don't think I'll be the person I am today if I was!
  10. I realize this is sort of trite, but I know for sure that you are only as rich as the love and friendship you give to others. It always comes back 10 fold. No money can buy that.
  11. I don't care.
  12. Money can't make anyone truly happy, I don't care what anyone says..
  13. Well I can honestly say "yes" I was born very rich, rich in my heart.
  14. I wasn't born rich, but through education and hard work I'm comfortable and don't want for anything. And isn't that what anybody ever really needs/wants?
  15. My parents are both well known and in the public eye, back in my home country. I have been privately educated, boarding in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. And I feel very lucky that they have provided me with all my needs, never let me go without. I work hard, even though according to some I do not need to. It gives me piece of mind and makes me more comfortable with my self.

    I was brought up knowing that fame and forture is one thing, class is another. The nouveau riche come up everywhere like mushrooms. There is nothing wrong with new money at all, but ones that actually flaunt it to the extent that is discomforting to the others, usually has less than they say they have! Sure, many that do know me here, know that my parents are a household name I couldnt really ever go around saying that I did not have a wealthy upbringing. Nevertheless, I would never call myself rich. That is not a title someone gives them selves. It is a monetary expression.I am "lucky" have been brought up financially privaledged is much classier.

    Money can go very easily. My closest friends father went bankrupt and the lost their houses and their cars. I found my self about to type "they lost everything", but they didnt really. Thier name helped them re-establish themselves.

    Being chauffer driven in a Aston Martin is not everything. Being able to navigate yourself around the Paris metro, the Vienna subway U-Bahn, wearing not the last designer bag because "everyone else does" but because you love the leather and remembering your personal SA's name that u request at Harrods, by name, is.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.