Did you always love the Classic Flap? Or did it grow on you?

  1. I've admitted (*gasp*) I am not loving the classic flaps. I don't know why. I know they are the epitome of Chanel, and sometimes I see them and think "wow-za" I need one of those...while other times, I think eh....

    Did you always love the classic flap design? IF you did learn to love it, What changed your mind? Color? Styles?
  2. i didn't start loving it till i tried one on, and i just love the way it sits on the shoulder and i instantly fell in love w/ it. especially love the chain/leather strap. just gorgeous.
  3. To be honest I was not a fan of the style up until about two years ago. I fell in love when I saw a white caviar flap with sh...and then saw the pink version...the rest is history! I can't get enough of the flap style!
  4. I have always loved it.
  5. I never was at all attracted to the flaps until the reissue ligne came out. I also fell more in love with the bag when I saw some of young hollywood wearing the jumbo size with casual clothes. Now I have the gray, white and black 2.55 in the big size (227) and a violet caviar jumbo is on the way. The only way that I wear these bag are with jeans and casual clothers. I really like that look.
    My Chanel totes are my staples though!
  6. This is the look I love!
  7. always loved it.
  8. I LOVE it in red...so pretty. I see pics like this and think I need one! But then, I am not sure when I see it in person.
  9. I did not always love it... at all!

    It actually turned me away from Chanel (I know.. I am saying that in the wrong forum!) The flap made me think of business women in the '80s... not that there is anything wrong with that or them (too much of my childhood maybe!?)

    And I have never been a fan of gold so the gold chain was too much for me! Now, I tried on the navy patent flap (with gold even!) and loved it! The way the bag sits is awesome! It fits a lot.

    But I, too, like it casually. I love all the bags with the silver!

    Hmmm... maybe this will be my first venture into Chanel!

    :yes: :yahoo: :yes:
  10. it grew on me. i never thought much of it and then my mom went in to chanel and we tried them on. love at first site for both of us. love that it can be worn messenger or doubled. love how classic it is. love how it can be dressed up or down. love it.
  11. I always loved it ....since I'm 4 ...
  12. I used to think it was old lady-ish, but young colors and seeing it on younger people turned me on to it.
  13. Wow, what's there not to love. Easy to carry, great length on straps, easy to open/close, comes in durable caviar! LOVE the size of the jumbo for every day. Can go from day to night pretty easily too. Its a Chanel!
  14. go look at the new perfo blue flap. omg not your basic flap- it's AMAZING!
  15. Oh my gosh, so I was just looking at the measurements. Is it true the jumbo is only about 12 inches long? It looks so much bigger in the picture? Or maybe its because Lindsay Lohan weighs like 80 pounds. :p

    But wow....looking up the measurements thats sammler then my silly lap top. Hmmm, it just always looked bigger.

    Did the prices new no sky rocket up to $2250? ANd is finding silver on black impossible?