Did you always love purses?

Jun 9, 2011
Good question, OP. Let's get a conversation rolling. :smile: For me, it was more gradual. Actually, I remember being a little kid, pushing my mom past the Coach section of the department store, impatient to get to the main section of the mall. Then as I grew up and got interested in fashion, I became a clotheshorse. I had an amazingly cheap apt near the city and spent every extra dollar at Express. Then I was obsessed with boots - all kinds - and I still am, but now I just don't feel like trying them on. Lol. Then suddenly, I GOT IT. I wanted a Coach bag - NOW. And my long term boyfriend at the time bought me one for Christmas, and it was all over after that. Bags only. Now I'd rather shop at Old Navy, get some cool, basic clothes dirt cheap, and blow money on a dream bag. It's all about the bag! And it pulls an entire outfit together. :smile:


Feb 21, 2012
Yes! My parents showed me a picture in which I am carrying a small blue plastic bag..... I was 2 years old at the time....
Then , when I became a teenager, I started saving for rather cheap bags . I had a whole collection of no brand bags I was very proud of.
At 24, I bought my first designer bag, an LV Speedy which I still have and cherish....
Started a collection of vintage croc bags and went the high end purses way.....
Jan 19, 2012
i'm a really really late bloomer.My first handbag was one from Aldo when I was 20, after my boyfriend insisted that i should start carrying handbags (i used to keep my wallet in my coat pocket and they'd fall out and go missing all the time). At the time, I also had no idea what Chanel, LV, etc. was either. I was in love with Nine West and Kate Spade when I was 21. I had a large collection of lower-end handbags by 23 plus one KS and a Coach.

I bought some more expensive stuff since (Ferragamo, MBMJ, etc.)

I got my first "big girl bag" that was (way) over $500 (my bal city) last month in anticipation of turning 30 in january. And once the floodgate opened, apparently it doesn't stop. Within the next two months, I've got in my possession two Balenciagas and one Chloe.

It's extremely slow and gradual but I can stare at my bags for hours and are constantly itching to get more...
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Jul 29, 2009
Always - I still remember a little red purse with a cat on it that I had when I was a toddler. I wasn't interested in 'designer' ones until I was over 50 though, then all of a sudden I wanted a Coach and then added other designer brands.


where's my bag?!
Apr 25, 2006
Got a photo somewhere with me carrying a beaded and sequined white purse on a chain around the age of 7 or 8. It was my very first big girl bag. I don't know what the story was behind it, but my cousin and I got to pick from two purses, and the other bag was this hobo. I got to pick first because I was the older cousin by a couple of months. I feel a little bad thinking back on it because the hobo was pretty ugly but I think my cousin didn't care much for purses, but she's made up for it since then :smile:

Always loved to tote things around as a young child and still do. I think it went from having 3 or 4 bags of a classic type (hobo, chain, backpack, messenger) to upwards of several dozen bags by the time I was in my late 30-40s. I purge my collection about once a year, or every couple of years.


Sep 3, 2013
I didn't to be honest. As a child/teenager, I kept everything in my pockets. The only makeup I carried was lip balm and everything else could go in my backpack or messenger bag. It wasn't until college that I fell hard for the Robert Wilson LV line and a handbag addiction soon followed.


Jul 22, 2009



Feb 10, 2011
Yes! I remember growing up in middle school and high school, I would have a different purse to match my outfit! I would put some of my purses in my locker haha!

Junior year of high school I started wearing coach, and by the time college came, I had 3 LVs and a Chloe paddington.

Now (23years) I started medical school last year and have Chanels, balenciaga, lady diors and many more louis vuittons to add to my collection :smile:

Unfortunately selling many of them to help fund some of my books and review courses :sad: :sad:
Mar 17, 2013
I've always loved purses! My purses always had to match my outfit and shoes. My mom tells me that I wouldn't go to sleep unless my purse was on my pillow next to my head. When I was very little, My mom sewed a cover for my toy stuffed cat with a handle so I could carry it around like a purse. My obsession with purses started at a very young age :smile:


"She was wearing all Chanel."
May 2, 2011
Wasn't interested in big name brands until I was in my 30s.

Yup same here. I got my first small Coach wristlet about 3 years ago and then it was all downhill. I found TPF and well you know. I was a really late bloomer. I always liked bags for different things but would shop on the much lower end scale. Of course they never lasted long and when I was done I would donate or they would break. Lol. I have a handful of pretties and am weeding out what works for me and what does not.