Did you already buy an LV bag or accessories just to have them for pleasure !

  1. Bonjour, I would like to know if I'm mad or just stupid. Did you already buy an LV bag or accessories just for pleasure to have them : you knew you would not use them a lot or you didn't need them at all but it was VITAL to have them (lol) ! Merci.
  2. i never indulge myself on worthless things.... if i dont like it (i.e will never use it)then most likely i wouldnt ever buy it.
  3. I love this comment, it's so cute!! The only accessory I have is the Panda Cles.. and the reason why I bought it is because 1) My uncle had given me the nick-name 'panda bear' when I was 5 because I was the only little girl he knew with giant dark eye cirles.. I used to stay up until 1am. :P 2) It's limited and darn cute!! Other than this cles, I doubt I'll buy any other accessory. but you know the deal, never say never. :supacool:
  4. Nah, I'm not much of a collector - more a user ! Except for my bandeau though, that's kind of silly that I've yet to use it once yet I'll never part with it !!
  5. Lol, no - it would have to be pleasure combined with usage. Never only pleasure.
  6. I never buy solely for pleasure...BUT all of my discontinued/LE pieces are ones that won't get used as much as my regular bags...only because they're so hard to find and I'm babying them!
    My BIL on the other hand buys solely for collecting/later reselling.But then again...he's a guy and doesn't get the whole concept of loving something and using it!
  7. No, I do not collect bags. Whatever I purchase, I use.
  8. no, I get the most pleasure out of using my bags.
  9. Most of my MC accessories. From the ones pictured I have used the PTI aand the bracelet. All the others have yet to be used, but I need them to complete my MC collection:

  10. Oh and my Robert Wilson bags, I love to look at them but, I won't use them:

  11. Mich, I bet you have Multicolore dreams every night... :lol:
  12. Hmmm, well if I were massively rich, then I'd buy every LV piece just for the same of their pretty-ness lol, but since I'm not, every piece I buy has been carefully thought out. I consider (in order of importance): (1) How much I will use it, (2) is it practical to be worn by a 19 yr old, and (3) price. So...I think the only LV piece that I haven't used ON ME is my multicolore scarf...but I decided that if it doesn't work out on me, I'll tie it around my Lodge bag (it has a ring on the side) to get some use out of it! lol
  13. I buy based on my head but covet based on my heart! Sometimes those two worlds collide! :lol:
  14. I buy bags based on what I love.....except when it comes to LV. It's the priciest bags I have so far (2 Speedies) so they're definitely to use. My kate spade and Coaches have mostly not been used.
  15. :yes: Yup.....to make my Damier collection complete....I got;

    the Bucket, so I can get the cosmetic bag that comes with it for mathcing
    the agenda, again to match
    im planning to get the pen for the agenda and the smallest agenda that comes with a little mechanical pencil (i have one in Mono but..)

    I have this thing about matching...its really stupid.:shame: