Did ya miss me ;) Overdue ~pics~ indigio/lavender vernis and azur

  1. Helllllooooo! Been swamped, taking a day to relax, clean up, and catch up on a few pics.

    Here is the new indigio cles, lexington and lavender ludlow with azur.

    :heart: :heart: the combo!

  2. Yes!!! We missed you, those are too fabulous and should be in the next catalog!!! You missed me buying a mini lin speedy... but, hasn't come yet, so you didn't miss the pics! welcome back and am dying for everything you have in your mix and matchy..... GORGEOUS! Indigo, lavender and azur is a well, what can you say, a to die for combo.... a pic is worth a thousand words...
  3. so beautiful!! i love the color combos!!
  4. Yes! We all missed you! But figure you were very busy!
    Love the combo of textures and colors!
  5. love the indigo lexie! congrats!
  6. i was just getting ready to PM you and make sure you were ok, i worry like that if i don't see regulars around:sad: .....i'm glad you were being.... erhemm!.... productive Mary! love the combo---beautiful!
  7. Absolutely lovely!
  8. I love the way they go together! You match your stuff up sooo well!
  9. Beautiful!
  10. How are you going to put it all together and use it? I think you have a big azure tote too. Will you throw them all in?
  11. Drooling over the indigos :drool:
  12. The lavender really pops the indigo, not the same without the lavender...
  13. lovely colors! thanks for sharing them!
  14. so pretty, congrats!!
  15. congrats, lvoe the new LV's you've added to your collection!!!