Did ya all get your orders in to Elux yet??

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  1. Just a couple more days of free shipping!! :yes: I ordered last night...decided on the Speedy 40. It seems I must have gotten the last one because I was debating back and forth between it and the Lockit(had them both in my shopping cart)..and then all of a sudden it was out of stock, so figured...I best get that one. :sweatdrop: I know I thought it may be a bit too big for my frame..but they seem to be the most popular Speedy on Elux as they always sell out..so I just went for it. I love the Speedy's so much:love: ..I figured I couldn't go wrong

    Cannot wait for the UPS man to deliver it!!
  2. Ooooh, post pics of that speedy 40 when you get it. I'm trying not to order anything as I've had a HUGE lv year already. It's so tempting.................
  3. Yes, I finally decided on an epi speedy 25 in black and a small epi agenda in mandarin. My first LV! I hope they arrive in time for Christmas.