Did we talk about this already..Plume 28 vs.32?

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  1. 'cause I can't find the thread if we did....UGH!!!

    Just wondering if a 5'3" kinda slim older gal (48 and staying 48) should go for a 28 or a 32? I'm planning for the future and today when I was at the boutique I tried a 32 which I thought MIGHT be a tad bit large for me. Since they didn't have a 28, I can't really be sure. (BTW, the San Francisco store is a little low on handbags and jewelry....)

    Also, what about roomy-ness inside? Wish I could find the thread where all this was already discussed....I KNOW I read it somewhere...

  2. i am 5'5" and around 100 pounds. I have a 28 and i think it a good size. I tried a 32 but it looks a bit too briefcase like. jmo
  3. 28 is a good size especially since Plumes are very roomy inside.
  4. Thanks guys! I'm thinking the same thing....
  5. Thanks for posting that dianagrace! I was going to put it in - if you would like any other comparisions or opinions let me know - I find the 28 to be a great size for me - I'm 5'2" and *cough cough* 40 something....myself! Not so slim anymore though...
  6. I go through this too and I'm the same size/build that you are. I think I'm going to try for the 28, although I'll probably also end up with a 32 at some point to use for traveling.
    Unlike the Kelly, which tapers at the top, the Plume's boxy shape allows it to hold more than a Kelly of the same size.
  7. I am sick...5'5" and 100 #....you are not welcome here any longer! What wouldn't look good on you?! Life is tough looking for a birkin as it is, but add being short and more than 100# like me makes it rougher!!!!!:lol:

    JUst thinking...maybe I want that 35 birkin to compensate for my huge back end.
  8. Now now KB, it will be okay - you get that fab birkin and nobody will notice your BACK END!!! At least I count on that everytime I walk out the door with my H bags LOL.....oh, and having 3 kids leaves souvenirs on us!!!
  9. Well, and before I forget, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all us Mom's !:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  10. Yeah, the color is pretty...I'm thinking about color and leather choices....sort of wanting a fun, summery color but BJ and Orange is too strong for me...do you guys have any suggestions? I know it's all what strikes you when you see it but I always kinda like to have something in mind...
  11. Rouge Hermes is beautiful and has color while still being very calm and understated. Goes with a lot!
    Do you mind Box leather? They show up a lot in Rouge H box.
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