Did we know about this new wallet already?

  1. The Suhali Porte Tresor International?

  2. Yes, isn't it dreamy!:happydance:
  3. THanks! I couldn't remember so I did a search for suhali and a million results came up!!
  4. Meh. Personally I dislike the color, its so... poop. haha

    Maybe in the white. now THATS a luxurious color :heart: mmmm
  5. i like the range for Suhali wallets, especially the compact wallet. yesterday, i saw the black Suhali compact wallet, it looks so elegant.
  6. I saw the white at the store yesterday. It was beautiful!! The SA also said they came out with an envelope style wallet in suhali but their not getting them in. They only went to certain stores.
  7. Do you have a photo of that new style wallet?? I like the PTI but it looked HUGE when I tried it out for size....I really like the suhali coin purse:love:
  8. Ya it's gorgeous !
  9. I am pondering whether I should buy a LV wallet in autumn.
    How is the overall quality of the LV wallets? Good or just average? What's better, a canvas wallet or an leather wallet (epi)? And what about their coin purses, are they durable?
  10. All my wallets are very durable, one is 10 yrs old and the epi shows some wear but no loose stitches or other problems. My mc portemonnaie plat has a slight color loss but has been used daily for 2 years. The cerises zippé looks like new. I'd say you're very safe with a monogram or epi or suhali leather wallet und reasonably safe color-wise with an mc or other printed canvas line.
    I'm thinking about a black epi Koala wallet right now :yes: LV wallets are great! :love:
  11. dont care for that color, but that wallet has been around for some time.
    Came in plum, blue.

    comes in black, white, etc.
  12. Thats such a fabulous wallet. The color is great. I wish i have the money to buy it and a matching bag. :P
  13. A lot of people seemed to not like the sienne color when it first came out (especially with the silver hardware) but I really love it!!! I think it's very elegant and is a great neutral alternative to black.
  14. That's truly one of the blandest wallets I've ever seen. There's nothing special about the design, the materials, the color...nothing. For the bucks, I'd rather start looking at Hermes.
  15. I Love The PTI....In Suhali...I Prefer A Different Color.