did we get any suggestions for the ink issue inside mulberry? help needed

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  1. hi girls i am really quite disappointed and upset after receiving my latest purchase only to find like klp's phoebe i also have ink stains

    are there any solutions / tricks that work ?

    input would be greatly received

    :tup:bayley xx
  2. I heard about using a normal Pencil Eraser but I'm not sure if that was on smooth leather or not.

    I wonder if KLP has tried anything?
  3. i am not sure yet the marks are on the inside on the raw suede.

    my sale was done outside of ebay the ''seller'' didn't want the extra fees etc when i offered her a price that was £10 cheaper than her asking price described as excellet all round - i would not agree

    she accepted my offer but asked if i could pay a different way to save her fees which i was a little bothered about but was happy to do
  4. Oh, no :sad:. What bag did you buy bayley? Apart from the ink stains inside, is the rest of the bag ok?
  5. Oh no, Bayley!!! How awful, and especially since the sale was done outside ebay. Did you pay with Paypal?

    I haven't had a proper go at removing the ink stains on Phoebe but did try dabbing some Isopropyl Alcohol onto the stains with a cotton bud. This did lift some of the ink, but it's so awkward to fit my hand inside the bag and see what I'm doing at the same time.

    Chloe-babe suggested a site called furnitureclinic.co.uk. I emailed them to ask about their Ink Remover but they said it can't be used on suede. I might send Phoebe to them, but the stains haven't seeped through to the outside so I may just try to forget they're there.

    I hope you can get this sorted out!
  6. bag is lovely apart from the ink.

    just a note for the friends/family of the seller i bought from

    i am in no way trying to cause problems here, i think offense has been taken as i have aired my question here

    all i am simply looking for is advice on ink removal

    thanks in advance

  7. Hi Bayley,

    I've got the same problem. Did tried with nail remover but it didn't work. I guess the best way is to take it the cobbler. They have may be able to deal with it.
  8. Oh Bayley, I'm so sorry for your disappointment. I'm in agreement that ink stains should have been disclosed prior to purchase. However, onto the issue (which is what your thread is about), I know I'm probably not being very helpful, but I'd recommend taking your bag to a dry cleaner and see if they have special ink remover for suede. Failing that then a cobbler.

    Whatever you do, let us know the outcome. We'd all like to know if you manage to get rid of the ink stain somehow. It's my worst fear with my own bags, even though I'm careful.
  9. Sorry for you! Does the seller now offer you a pricereduction too, like klp got?
    I think that would be more than fair!
  10. Same problem with my Bayswater bag. I ask this clobber and he said he could help but wanted to charge about 30 pounds for it. I thought it was a bit to much for such a tiny mark, so I live with it without a problem.

    Maybe you could try asking him: http://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Handbags_Luggage.htm