Did Vuitton ever make.....

  1. Does anyone know if LV ever made a waistpack/bumbag/fanny pack (yes, yes, I know what "fanny" means to the Brits) in monogram canvas for the regular retail market? I saw one on someone on the street and really don't know if it's *possible* to have an authentic LV in a waist style. :huh:

    It looked rather like this without the cherry blossoms, and this fake has *sold* *out*, which just floors me: http://dsforless.com/LV-F3379.htm
  2. Yes, they have the Pochette Florentine and then seperately you can purchase the waist strap for it. It's called the Snap Button Belt. :smile:
  3. Thank you!

    The one I saw didn't look like that, though. I'm on a "That *had* to be a fake" hunt! :amuse:
  4. the damier geant as a fanny pack style bag~
  5. Whoops, almost forgot about the vernis fulton as well. This model is also discontinued.

  6. that vernis fulton is pretty neat looking...:yes:
  7. Ok now I'm curious what does Fanny mean to the Brits?
  8. Well im assuming it means similar ot the australian meaning, it stems from the fact that Australia is "down under" hence everything is backwards, hence a fanny here means a ladys frontal bottom (catch my drift?) and we do not call them fannypacks at all rather bum bags
  9. :roflmfao: you're right. I'm not brit but already heard of one joking about that word since it means "frontal bottom" :roflmfao: