Did Veronika call me a lil devil yesterday?

  1. :graucho: Can't wait for Fed-ex tomorrow. :devil:
  2. i believe she did and i seconded it, and called you a tease...and you are proving me right!:p can't wait to see!:wlae:
  3. Oh lordie!!!! And, I didn't even get the pictures together last night, feel so guilty, dropped outta this planet around 8:00 pm...

    sad, I know... and, I feel bad about no pics, but I see it didn't stop the devil in ya!!!

    Sounds GORGEous!!!!! Can't wait to see! Thanks goodness for badness!
  4. That's me Ms.Mischievous....lol...
  5. They're so bad!
  6. Oops!
  7. Can wait to see what you did :biggrin:
  8. cant wait!!