Did USA Chanel final sale finish?

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  1. I called SA in NW, all the on sale chanel bag has gone...

    so pity~~anyone knows there is still some shop has bags left? pls let me know the sa contacts...

    thank you

    I am looking for lax tote, brooklyn, rock hobo, sharpei e/w tote ....

    thank you!~
  2. The sale is still going on, take a look at the deals and steals link, there are jewelry pieces and scarfs here and there at saks and Bloomingdales and Nordies.... there are the satin bow still around and some pins....earings etc.. people are still returning some bags at Nordstroms and saks, since they are not at final sales..... I suggest call saks and Nordies and let the SA know what you are looking for and your contact info, so they will call you when returns come in...... Thats how I scored some pieces.... hope this helps
  3. Neiman's in the midwest and out east still have a few sale items left.
  4. Cheers, kitty and luvods~