Did u know LV have Shoe Kit?

  1. Wow, as if the 3.5 K CB pap is not crazy enough, does anyone have this LV shoe kit? Thought 500 is a bit too much for the brushes and polish, but another insane seller post for 1.2k!:wtf: Over price? Useful? What do you think?
  2. I like it;) but I agree it's overpriced! I saw it in December last year in Xmas catalogue.... I would buy it to use as a regular cosmetic bag, I like that compartments...
  3. Oh my. Over priced for sure i will stick with the rain to wash my shoes TYVM :blah:
  4. yes, I saw it at my boutique! Its V over priced, and is there any need for it?! xx
  5. my bf wanted it & ordered it at our store but when the manager called whoever they needed to have one sent he was told it was display & press only it was not supposed to sold. (even though it has a price :confused1: )
  6. OMG - this is actually pretty neato. But.. I'd rather my shoes be worth more than a kit !
  7. I think this is really neat, and a nice gift for the guys (they have so much less to choose from than us!).
  8. I saw one on display last month and thought it was kinda cute!
  9. Definitely overpriced, but cute :smile:

    But hey...if you've got enough $$ to spend it on that, then good for you!
  10. I saw one on display but there are much better things to spend your money on besides that...
  11. Overpriced...you could save a lot of money by buying the shoe care brushes and stuff at a local shoe store and just putting them in an LV toiletries case.
  12. 1.2K???? LOL thats going to cost more than my shoes! :p

    even at 500 it sounds like a waste of money.:s
  13. woo thats alot of $ for a shoe cleaning kit. I think ill stick with my trusty Kiwi polish :yes:
  14. Lol, no kidding! I can totally imagine a snotty person caution pp :Watch out, my shoes are LV polished! haha
  15. My plastic surgeon has one, I played with it when I was at his house, its cool but I would never buy it