did u know christian louboutin has a myspace page

  1. Cute picture of him and DVF!
  2. Who else besides me is adding him? I am a dork, I know. I even have a slideshow of my meeting with him on my profile page.
  3. lol I just did too!
    I want to meet him too!!!
    BTW....did you notice how many more CL's were on eBay today? Im a total eBay stocker, but i had to scroll through almost 2 pages more than usual. lol wow I sound like a total dork.
  4. I just added him too! Wait until my real friends ask "Who's the french dude?" LOL
  5. i found his page last month and i'm a friend!
  6. That's not the real Christian Louboutin. I've messaged the girl who runs it before and she's just a huge fan of his stuff.

    And wouldn't it make sense if it was his site that it'd be in French and not using a bunch of published articles for the "About Me" section?
  7. ^ I think this was posted just for us to enjoy the pics and stuff. I really doubt the OP thought this was truly him. :amuse:
  8. thats weird cuz the sa at the horatio boutique told me it was him
  9. Would he have the time to myspace...?
  10. no it's not him.
  11. That is what I thought as well.
  12. Nah...its not really him.
    Put it this way...how many Pairs Hilton, Britney Spears, etc...are there?
    I hope its not because then it means that he is not putting enough time into designing our new shoes. lol
  13. ^ Exactly..there are hundreds of celebrity myspaces claiming they are the real thing. I can't believe a SA said it was him. She doesn't personally know him or something to be able to confirm it.
  14. I thought it was assumed it wasn't him - just like all/most celebrity myspace pages. Adding them to your own page is more like saying you're a fan, not that you believe the page really is operated by the real celebrity.