Did u guys see this turnlock clutch rop

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  1. [​IMG]
    I am planning to get the brown..wht do u guys say thanks
  2. I saw it yesterday and thought it was reallllly cute. A little pricey , but cute. I would probably buy one (green) if they were the same price as the normal mbymj zc's. I think this one was 195 though, and that is just a little too much for me to spend...
  3. where is this? Im in the market for a wallet.
  4. Oh, love the grass color. I thank you for posting (my wallet, however, does not!)
  5. BTW, I found it on Neimanmarcus.com. I recognized the backdrop in the picture. Is that a sign I do too much online shopping????
  6. Neiman Marcus but u they dont ship till May iirc
  7. hehehe lol :smile:
  8. I know its a little bit $$$...the leather looks soo good though:yes:
  9. i just bought the brown wristlet one last night. it is very cute and useful.