did u guys see the new stuff ebay is doing?

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  1. their own sniping thing and another ebay to go thing, sounds interesting

    here's the info:

    A buyer's new best friend - Bid Assistant
    Tired of losing auctions and having to search another item to bid on? Very soon we'll be launching a new bidding tool that manages your bids and makes winning items at the right price easier. Bid Assistant will place bids for you on a series of items from your Watch list - all in one simple step.
    For instance, let's say you're shopping for a new Canon digital camera, and you have five that you like on your Watch list. Using Bid Assistant, you simply create a bid group from your Watch list and enter the maximum amount you want to pay. This amount could be the same for all five – or you could specify different amounts for each listing based on, say, the varying item condition. It's up to you.
    Once set up, Bid Assistant will place your maximum bid on the item that's ending soonest. While the listing is active, our bidding system will automatically update your bid amount UP TO your maximum amount you gave to Bid Assistant, as necessary.
    At the end of the listing, if you win, you get to celebrate your victory! The rest of your listings will not be bid on by Bid Assistant. But if you lose, Bid Assistant will automatically bid on the item ending next. This pattern continues until either you win one of the cameras (woo hoo!), or all five listings end.
    Bid Assistant makes it easier for you to win items and saves you time. To learn more, check out our information page.
    Take eBay with you - eBay To Go
    Those of you who maintain your own website, blog or social networking profile will have a lot of fun with our new eBay To Go product. With just a few simple steps, you can create an eBay To Go widget to showcase eBay listings, or even just your favorite eBay search. In moments, you'll have a fun and functional eBay widget ready to be embedded into your own site. It's perfect for sharing the eBay listings that you’re passionate about with your own web audience.
    To learn more and to get started, visit togo.ebay.com. It's free, fun and fast, so check it out!
    Stay tuned for more cool stuff as the year goes on.
    Sincerely, Philipp Justus
    Senior Vice President, Auctions
  2. I just saw that this evening. It doesn't say "when" the bidding assistant will place the bid, does it? :confused1:

  4. they hate shiell bidding
    yet what is sniping except to KEEP THE PRICE LOW
    funny how its ok that way around
  5. you're right! I guess as a seller you just have to hope people bid up your item the old way, then someone snipes in at the end with a good bid
  6. I mean at real auctions ( I go to some antique ones)
    the auctioneer takes bids of the wall
    as they call it
    meaning bids from my nobody

    and of course rings operate too

    sniping is the reverse of shiel bidding so its just not fair
    but then fair, jiust , e bay does not know the meaning of that
    all they want is money money money money
  7. How is sniping the reverse of shill bidding?
  8. sniping is not the reverse of shill bidding, they are two totally different things with one being done by the buyer and one by the seller

    maybe we're misunderstanding your point, can you explain how you think they are the reverse?