did u get a GUCCI box with your purchase?

  1. Just curious if you rec'd a GUCCI box with your GUCCI purchase?

    When I purchased my 2 GUCCI's -my abbey shoulder and then my med princy boston bag I rec'd a dustbag with which the purse fit it, but not a box [at the time I didn't even think about requesting a box].

    ..I have since purchased LV and they have come with a box - so I am curious if anyone rec'd a box with thier purchase -I am going to purchase a duffle and want to know if it's okay to request a box if they don't give me one.


  2. No, I've never received a box....but then again I never asked for a box. Hmm, now you've got me wondering if I should have asked...
  3. i received a box for mine.
  4. i didn't ask, but i think the dust bag comes with it at all times?!

    with my horsebit it was placed into the dustbag, still filled with paper :p and into one of the shopper with a sticker over the top to seal it.
  5. I've only got 1 box and it was for my clutch but not for my larger bags? I guess I never thought to ask when they didn't give me one.
  6. I received 2 boxes only because I had had them shipped to me. But when I had gone to the store to purchase, they wrapped it up without a box, but I went back to the counter to request for one. They repacked it and told me it was no trouble at all. :wlae:
  7. Yes, I've always received boxes with my bags. Just go back to the store and ask for one. Bring your receipt just in case your SA isn't there. I'm sure they'll give you the boxes. :yes:
  8. arghh I should've done that!
    does anyone have a picture of the box?! :biggrin:
  9. thanks, next time I will definitely ask for a box!!
  10. I have four Gucci bags and I have never gotten a box... I think I have one or two of those "envelopes" that they also use. Next time I'll ask for a box! Though I have to by my Guccis from abroad so I have to make sure that the boxes will fit in my suitcase :s
  11. Same thing happened to me recently; I realized when I got home! I think they only give it if you ask :sad: that is, if you remember!
  12. I asked for the box and they wrap up nicely with a bow as well.
  13. I got one of those envelope things
  14. I've never gotten a box for a bag, only small accessories. Bags have just been wrapped in a dust bag and unceremoniously dumped in a shopping bag.

  15. I just bought a medium Princy tote and got a box but I don't think the boxes are anything special. I always get the boxes from LV cause I use them to store things in but I wouldn't do anything with the Gucci boxes. I don't think they would be sturdy enough.