Did u get a dustbag w/ your extender?

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  1. Did u get a dustbag w/ your extender? Are we suppose to get one?:confused1: I didn't get any with mine though. :Push:
  2. Mine didn't come with a dust bag. It came in a tiny brown paper envelope.
  3. Nope...that's one of the few items I've received without a dustbag.
  4. ok..that's good to hear! Mine came with a brown LV envelop too. I thought the SA didn't give it to me. :rolleyes:
  5. Mine came in a brown envelope also.
  6. No dustbag..same just the envelope..
  7. My SA wrapped it in tissue & put it in one of those cute little drawer boxes, no dustbag.
  8. anybody got any pictures of your extenders?? Did LV make two versions??? If anybody has any closeups I'd be more an happy or should I say...more than grateful to see them...I've seen two versions...don't know which is real, one the other or both...One has Made in France on the O ring portion at the top on one side, the other has the made in france on the bottom portion of the O ring where it connects to the chain link. Can anybody help me anwer that question?

  9. mine was wrapped up w/tissue in a box.
  10. I posted some & I know others have too, try searching for them. There are some reazlly great pics on the forum.
  11. Nope, no dustbag. I don't even remember how it was wrapped, exactly.
    Actually, since I'd gotten the pochette at the same time, they attached it to the pochette and just left it.